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 I dare you to a big love challengeto make 2014 the year you fall in love with you, create a happy life and meet your mate. This journey begins by loving you first, wholeheartedly, with abandon and total dedication, and then learning how to LET LOVE IN.  It takes courage to become a Fearless love warrior of self and lover of life. But, I believe in you! Know that living love inside of you, brings love to you in all ways. 

                            In Love, Maryjane

Have No Regrets

After an unhappy dream I got hit with one of those awful moments of regretting the past. Ouch!

Not that I want to change where I am, but every so often I wish I could change the painful past it took to get me here.

THEN, I take a deep breath and I am reminded that in my calling as a teacher in this lifetime, I must learn all the lessons that go with this responsibility. And I remember I would not have the depth of wisdom, compassion or understanding I have today if I had not endured so much or made mistakes.

Plus, without these big learning’s I would have missed out on the joy, abundance, grace and success I enjoy now, and the bliss of guiding you to you happy beginning.

And that is my mission!  To help you AVOID pain, struggle and heartache by creating an easeful and joyful path to love and happiness.  

And Love is possible for you!

It’s never too late.

I remember the moment I relaxed, trusted and surrendered fully to into my life, my own heart and the faith that love was on its way.

It was such a radical approach to the perfectionist, over-doing side of me that believed I had to control everything to feel safe.

But it was exactly what brought my partner and I together and allowed me to risk for love one last time. It paid off.

Like, so many other breakthroughs along the journey – this one stuck. It has been a faithful friend encouraging me to open wide and trust my intuition and commit to putting LOVE FIRST as a mother, stepmom and soon to be wife.

I wonder what would happen IF YOU left your regrets behind, decided to take on the hard but rewarding work growth requires and then, allowed GOOD into your life and trust inside your heart?

I wonder what would radically change IF you forgave your past and whatever role you played in it and DECIDED only to focus on the GOOD and GRACE of today?

I wonder what would happen IF you decided to TRUST fully that there is a LOVE just for you, waiting for your readiness, openness and presence.

I guarantee that if you live with the FAITH (or assumption) that LOVE IS ON ITS WAY … you’ll breathe deeper knowing you can REST in the security of love’s presence and your worth.

From this assumption, the right teacher, lessons, path, programs and understandings will manifest perfectly and synchronistically to support you to invite LOVE in.

EVERYTHING you need to be open and get ready to love appears, like magic.

Trust that everything that has happened up until now has been perfectly designed for your learning and that love is making it’s way perfectly to you.

So, relax and get ready.

Then, your past, like my bad dream, will no longer scare or limit you. You can feel free, supported, safe, encouraged and hopeful as you LET LOVE IN.

In Love & Gratitude,



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