Nice Gal Emotional Styles

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Have you ever wondered why smart, capable and amazing women engage in self-defeating behaviors that undermined their love success? Why we play nice and polite, giving in to his wishes and wants while staying silent about our needs.  Why we settle for attraction and attention from Mr. Wrong when we’re really craving real genuine love and acceptance. Why we feel afraid he’ll cheat or leave, needing constant validation and reassurance, even when there are no signs of betrayal and he’s … [Read more...]

Hey Nice Gal! Are you Trying Too Hard to Find Love?


 Ever heard the old adage, “It will happen when you aren’t looking”? This statement used to frustrate and infuriate me. Mostly because I feared it was true. Being a sensitive perfectionist I believed in taking action to make things happen. Love was no different. I thought that pushing for what I wanted meant I was being responsible; that effort and persistence was the guaranteed path to finding love. I just felt this incessant anxiety and uncertainty around my love life wanting so badly … [Read more...]

Why You Don’t Need To Love Yourself Perfectly to Find Love


Excerpts from my book: "Falling In Love With Me".   I know you know this - you've heard it a thousand times - "you need to love yourself before anyone else will love you." And this isn't entirely true. Love finds a way. Love is your constant teacher in every moment of reflection, interaction and self-action. I can count numerous instances when love showed up, even when I or another person didn't feel completely worthy, deserving, safe, trusting or open.  Thank goodness! If you wait until … [Read more...]

Needing, not Needy!

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We are women; we give, share, create, achieve, beautify, nurture, relate, communicate, connect and care-take. And we’re busy! Whew! We get hungry: hungry for rest, for understanding, for comfort, for shelter, for nourishment, for reassurance, for softness, for yummy good feelings in our bodies and for unconditional love. And when we get it...sigh. Aaaahhhh! So when did wanting to be listened to, cared for, supported, understood, accepted or to be touched with tenderness, love and affection … [Read more...]