I love him. Is there hope for us?

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Hi Maryjane!I’m currently in a long distance relationship with a guy I’ve known half my life. He and I reconnected six months ago and immediately hit it off.However, he is currently in the final stages of a long, contested divorce, plus a young child I’ve never met. I simply adore this man; he has all the wonderful qualities I’ve been looking for in someone and vice versa but it has been gut-wrenching to see him process the pain of the divorce alone from so far away, not being able to do … [Read more...]

I like You, But I Like Me More


It’s subtle or not so subtle, but the habit of over-giving and over-functioning creeps in the minute you really start liking” a guy. In fact, the more feelings you have, the more excited you are about the idea of him, the more you crave his time and attention, the greater danger you are of losing you, to him. Nice Gals do this all the time. It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill, excitement and hope of a new relationship and forget about putting you first. It’s fun, romantic and it … [Read more...]