3 Things You Must Have to Get The Man & The Money


There are two kinds of people in this world those who have it all and those who get whatever is left over. Me? I was unsure of myself, never going for the kind of guy I always wanted, until suddenly with age and more emotional wear and tear those men we no longer interested in me or available. There are two kinds of dater's in this world, the confidence, love-savvy gal who knows her worth and the overlooked or undervalued gal who feels used up. I have a beautiful, powerful and spiritual friend … [Read more...]

You’re Worth Loving!


By Maryjane KapteynMy message is strong and persistent: ‘You’re Worth Loving'.Life radically and beautifully changes when you know your worth, without it the COST is too great.If I had felt WORTHY walking into my adulthood, all the success, happiness and love I desired would not have eluded me. I would not have endured so much disappointment and pain. I would not have lost my money, my time, my well being, my health, my happiness and my self-esteem hoping a man would love me.I would not have … [Read more...]

Oops, I Did It Again (Nice Gal Mistake)


(this is personal)Oops, I did it again. Despite my undeniable spiritual connection to my partner, I unconsciously chose a man who wanted me to take care of him and fix his problems. I walked into a bit of a blended family, post-divorce mess. Yikes. Which means… part of me was a MESS as well. RELATIONSHIPS ARE A MIRROR. YOU ATTRACT WHAT YOU ARE, NOT WHAT YOU WANT.There’s no blame here, I take complete responsibility for attracting from my nice gal pattern. Plus, admitting all the ways, I … [Read more...]

What Wayne Dyer Taught Me About Love

Wayne Dyer Quote

I celebrate a beautiful soul, loving man, and wise teacher in Wayne Dyer who passed away on August 29, 2015. I owe so much of my growth to the infectious, genuine and wise teachings of Wayne Dyer. I cannot even begin to express my heartfelt gratitude to this creative, inspirational and joyful man. In tribute, here are 11 of my favourite Wayne Dyer quotes on happiness, self-worth and love. “Most people are searching for happiness outside themselves. That’s a fundamental mistake. Happiness … [Read more...]

Self-Love Fun Permission Slip Printable

I'm expecting big things for you! Especially big love!  You deserve to be loved, cherished, adored, cared for, listen to and supported. You deserve to feel relaxed, free, purposeful, cherished, adored, and excited, at ease, stimulated and happy. You deserve to feel acknowledged and accepted. It starts with you.   I challenge you to become your own best friend and treat yourself BIG JUICY LOVE. Why? Because self-love opens and heals your heart, allowing you to be a good receiver of love, … [Read more...]

‘The Energy of Dating’: How Loving You, Attracts Love.

Enjoying every minute being close to him. Beautiful young loving couple talking and smiling while relaxing in outdoors restaurant together

It’s said you need to slow down to speed up, connect within to know what you truly want and love you before finding love. It’s true. 80% of how we show up is energetic and only 20% relates to what we say or do. That’s because how we feel translates into everything- our body language, our words and our behaviours. More than anything we say or do, people are responded to our energy.This is why dating techniques only get you so far. You can do and say all the right things on a date, but … [Read more...]

13 Love Bombs & Love Worthy Printable

love worthy printable board

I'm expecting big things for you! Especially big love!  It’s time to let go of any fears or thoughts that tell you your doing enough, having enough or being enough.  It’s time to LOVE without fear, without heartache, without disappointment and without uncertainty. So, I hope you’ll join me in making 2015 your personal year of love: allowing love, being love, giving love and sharing love.  So today, I’m going to drop 13 love bombs on you in the hopes you’ll find it easier to love … [Read more...]

Stop Struggling In Search of Love… Embrace Your Joy

One of my favorite love coaches Martha Beck talks about the path to finding your purpose as a practice of “going straight for the joy”. I believe that finding your Soulmate one works the same way. Call it the secret or some new agey thing but the vibration or feelings we send out draw ‘like’ experiences to us like magnets. It’s not based on fairness or how deserving you are or how bad you want it. In fact, the universe wants to give you a perfectly suited partner but you need to … [Read more...]

Progress, Not Perfection

progress not perfection

One of my favorite things about life is that there are so many chances to start over. Day by day, step-by-step we can make more loving choices: learning from missteps and disappointments and add more of what brings us closer to happiness, freedom, love and joy. Each morning you can make a decision about HOW your day unfolds. I know I don’t get it perfect. I mess up all the time. Especially, when I put pressure on myself to do it all, be everything to everyone, and fear disappointing others … [Read more...]

Are You Too Nice? The Cost of Being Agreeable

BigHeart’s are by nature agreeable, kind, accommodating, loving, generous, optimistic, trusting and helpful. they're softhearted and prone to random acts of altruistic kindness without need for reward. All lovely and likeable qualities until... ...Conflict arises, compromise or over-giving builds up resentment, your trust is betrayed or choices need to be made that can’t please everyone. You know I love you, but too much of the ‘nice gal (or guy) behavior turns out to not be so good. … [Read more...]