You Gotta Want It, Chickie!

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 Do you want to lose weight, grow in wealth, get fit, elevate your career or find love?Well, you gotta want it.I know saying you have to want something may sound obvious, but here’s what I mean.Let's say you have a goal to lose weight.You must want to the lose the weight and become that skinny person more than you want to eat, more than you want the emotional comfort food provides you. You must want to lose weight so intently, that you are utterly undeterred and entirely focused on that … [Read more...]

Give Up NOW! To Find Love

What Are You Willing to Give Up For Love? I bet when you think of finding the right relationship, you think of all the things you’ll HAVE with that special someone. Things like... Playfulness Affection Spontaneity Fun Companionship Sharing Laughter Support Adoration And so on! But in order to make space to welcome in LOVE, you’ll need to give certain things up. Whether you realize it or not, you give up to get more all the time. Let’s use some other real life examples, so you … [Read more...]

Q&A: Why Men Disappear

Hey Maryjane, I'm reaching out to you because there's a guy who was in my life that is constantly on my mind. We were seeing each other for an entire month and every time it was so much fun. We were always texting each other. He made me laugh and we shared many things in common. I've helped him out also. I'm extremely attracted to him and felt an amazing connection, which breaks me up inside because he is no longer there. It’s been two weeks since we’ve spoken. I called him from my home … [Read more...]

Needing, not Needy!

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We are women; we give, share, create, achieve, beautify, nurture, relate, communicate, connect and care-take. And we’re busy! Whew! We get hungry: hungry for rest, for understanding, for comfort, for shelter, for nourishment, for reassurance, for softness, for yummy good feelings in our bodies and for unconditional love. And when we get it...sigh. Aaaahhhh! So when did wanting to be listened to, cared for, supported, understood, accepted or to be touched with tenderness, love and affection … [Read more...]