The Hook that Causes Nice Gals to Choose Unavailable Men

Man and woman in sexual clothes

           Have you ever wondered why you attract emotionally unavailable, flawed, needy, insecure or broken men?Being nice is the source of your attraction. The reason you behave too nice isn’t your fault. In fact, it likely feels natural to be nice, a part of your identity and personality. Same holds true for the kind of men you feel attracted to – you can’t help it- right?What if I said you could, over time, re-wire your … [Read more...]

Sex-Worthy or Love-Worthy 2: How to Avoid Falling Victim to Pick-Up Artist Tactics

Attractive Couple in Black and White Talking

Julien Blanc has garnered negative media attention for his misogynistic pick-up artist techniques teaching men ‘how to’ manipulate, objectify, humiliate, emotional abuse and sexually assault women in order to get laid. He’s not alone. Many pick-up artists teach men a brand of confidence training that is opportunistic and manipulative with the goal of getting a woman to bed, not securing a relationship. Call it the game, tricks, conning, and flat out lying…. Here’s how to avoid … [Read more...]