3 Things You Must Have to Get The Man & The Money


There are two kinds of people in this world those who have it all and those who get whatever is left over. Me? I was unsure of myself, never going for the kind of guy I always wanted, until suddenly with age and more emotional wear and tear those men we no longer interested in me or available. There are two kinds of dater's in this world, the confidence, love-savvy gal who knows her worth and the overlooked or undervalued gal who feels used up. I have a beautiful, powerful and spiritual friend … [Read more...]

I love him. Is there hope for us?

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Hi Maryjane!I’m currently in a long distance relationship with a guy I’ve known half my life. He and I reconnected six months ago and immediately hit it off.However, he is currently in the final stages of a long, contested divorce, plus a young child I’ve never met. I simply adore this man; he has all the wonderful qualities I’ve been looking for in someone and vice versa but it has been gut-wrenching to see him process the pain of the divorce alone from so far away, not being able to do … [Read more...]

Shop, Don’t Sell: Be Choosy to Find The Right Man


Yes gals, please shop until you drop. Shop until you’ve exhausted the options, but not your credit card. I’m talking about no cost shopping for men. Being selective and choosy before you buy. Buying what fits perfectly and ignites feelings happiness and beauty. (Remember, no milk until he’s bought the store).Shopping looks like not rushing, not trying too hard, not falling for potential, not settling and not selling yourself short. Selling is when you’re trying to convince a man to buy … [Read more...]

Q&A: He’s Got Me, Now He’s lazy. What do I do to get my man to pay attention to me?

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My Man is LAZY.  What do I do to get him to pay attention to me?My man and I dated 3 years and living together 2 years exactly. 4 months ago he proposed, I was so happy. Anyway, we work opposite shifts so we hardly get time to do things together as a couple. However, the off days and free time he does have, he spends sleeping or watch's television. It’s been months since he has suggested or made any effort to steal my heart or show me how much he loves me. His very caring and sweet, but I a … [Read more...]

Q&A: How do I motivate my man to value me and make a commitment?

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Dear Maryjane, I value your opinion very much. What would you suggest I do to motivate a 52 year old boyfriend of 3 years to prioritize our relationship, value my wishes/needs more and to start thinking in terms of some type of commitment to our future and happiness? Thanks a lot. Alvina Thank You Alvina, you brought up an important and valuable question: How do I motivate my man to value me and make a commitment? Nice Gals ask me this question all the time! Because by being too nice, too … [Read more...]

Q&A: Is He Afraid to Commit OR ‘Just Not That Into You’?

Dear Maryjane, I am 54 and have been seeing a guy who is 57 casually for 9 months. We both are the primary caregivers for our teenage children, plus we live an hour apart, so getting together is hard. We text every day and see each other once or twice a week. We both get hurt easily and are scared of being hurt in a relationship. But he tells me that he is not in to me as much as I am into him, so he will not commit. What do I do to turn that around as he is fairly controlling? Gail Dear … [Read more...]

Q&A Why Do Men Cheat?

Q&A: Why Do Men Cheat? Dear Maryjane, Why have I always attracted Narcissist’s? Every single man I've dated has cheated or consistently flirted and ogled over other women. My husband flirts shamelessly and it embarrasses and hurts me. I also suspect he may have taken this farther and cheated as well. Why can't I be enough for a man? Thanks MaryJane Dear Shelly, Thank you for your question! First of all, you’re not alone- so many beautiful and deserving women have been horribly … [Read more...]

Hey Nice Gal! Are you Trying Too Hard to Find Love?


 Ever heard the old adage, “It will happen when you aren’t looking”? This statement used to frustrate and infuriate me. Mostly because I feared it was true. Being a sensitive perfectionist I believed in taking action to make things happen. Love was no different. I thought that pushing for what I wanted meant I was being responsible; that effort and persistence was the guaranteed path to finding love. I just felt this incessant anxiety and uncertainty around my love life wanting so badly … [Read more...]

3 ‘Sweet Gal’ Mistakes that Drive Men Away

Let me ask you a quick question: do you ever feel like you can ATTRACT men perfectly fine, but that you have difficulty attracting a GOOD one? … Or that you 'shouldn't have' any problems attracting a man - and yet, somehow, you still do.     If any of these sounds even a little bit like you, don't be disheartened, at some point we have all been there. You'll be relieved to know that it's actually a COMMON problem many women have in their relationships.You know deep down, that 'something's … [Read more...]

Calm is the New Happy: Dating Mistakes to Avoid in Your 20’s, 30’s & 40’s


Yesterday, while enjoying a cool mango smoothie I bumped into an article in September addition of Health Magazine “ Why Calm is the New Happy”. I just about fell off my chair for the intuitive hit of confirmation it reflected in my own experience. Maybe it can support you in the type of happiness you most desire and how to date in a way that supports you to fulfill your relationship dream. Years before, I met my amazing man, I intended a clear set of signs that would let me know with … [Read more...]