Get the Love & Man You Deserve

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Acceptance, acknowledgment, support, caring, excitement, happiness, ease, calm and growth are all the things real, authentic love is made of. I want you to have this and more. Here’s my mini-deserve-love-list. Go for a man who: Makes you feel special. Listens and empathizes when you feel hurt. Gives you his time and attention. Wants to wake up to you every single day. Does what it takes so you can create a beautiful life together. Is unwavering in his faithfulness and commitment. Loves … [Read more...]

Self-Love Fun Permission Slip Printable

I'm expecting big things for you! Especially big love!  You deserve to be loved, cherished, adored, cared for, listen to and supported. You deserve to feel relaxed, free, purposeful, cherished, adored, and excited, at ease, stimulated and happy. You deserve to feel acknowledged and accepted. It starts with you.   I challenge you to become your own best friend and treat yourself BIG JUICY LOVE. Why? Because self-love opens and heals your heart, allowing you to be a good receiver of love, … [Read more...]

13 Love Bombs & Love Worthy Printable

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I'm expecting big things for you! Especially big love!  It’s time to let go of any fears or thoughts that tell you your doing enough, having enough or being enough.  It’s time to LOVE without fear, without heartache, without disappointment and without uncertainty. So, I hope you’ll join me in making 2015 your personal year of love: allowing love, being love, giving love and sharing love.  So today, I’m going to drop 13 love bombs on you in the hopes you’ll find it easier to love … [Read more...]