Get the Love & Man You Deserve

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Acceptance, acknowledgment, support, caring, excitement, happiness, ease, calm and growth are all the things real, authentic love is made of. I want you to have this and more. Here’s my mini-deserve-love-list. Go for a man who: Makes you feel special. Listens and empathizes when you feel hurt. Gives you his time and attention. Wants to wake up to you every single day. Does what it takes so you can create a beautiful life together. Is unwavering in his faithfulness and commitment. Loves … [Read more...]

Stop Struggling In Search of Love… Embrace Your Joy

One of my favorite love coaches Martha Beck talks about the path to finding your purpose as a practice of “going straight for the joy”. I believe that finding your Soulmate one works the same way. Call it the secret or some new agey thing but the vibration or feelings we send out draw ‘like’ experiences to us like magnets. It’s not based on fairness or how deserving you are or how bad you want it. In fact, the universe wants to give you a perfectly suited partner but you need to … [Read more...]