I love him. Is there hope for us?

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Hi Maryjane!I’m currently in a long distance relationship with a guy I’ve known half my life. He and I reconnected six months ago and immediately hit it off.However, he is currently in the final stages of a long, contested divorce, plus a young child I’ve never met. I simply adore this man; he has all the wonderful qualities I’ve been looking for in someone and vice versa but it has been gut-wrenching to see him process the pain of the divorce alone from so far away, not being able to do … [Read more...]

Fall In Love With Reality, Not Potential

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I love a good love story!Like all great love stories, couples who last wanted the same things, are ready for love and share mutual feelings of respect and adoration.Their love, compatibility and readiness are completely mutual!If we look at this example – the formula for choosing a relationship is really quite simple.She’s ready, into you and you want the same things– it’s a go.She’s not ready but into you- it’s not a go. He’s ready, into to you, and you share a vision of your … [Read more...]

Q&A: How do I motivate my man to value me and make a commitment?

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Dear Maryjane, I value your opinion very much. What would you suggest I do to motivate a 52 year old boyfriend of 3 years to prioritize our relationship, value my wishes/needs more and to start thinking in terms of some type of commitment to our future and happiness? Thanks a lot. Alvina Thank You Alvina, you brought up an important and valuable question: How do I motivate my man to value me and make a commitment? Nice Gals ask me this question all the time! Because by being too nice, too … [Read more...]

Nice Gal & The Bad Boy: Are You Choosing What You Want or What You Need? Part One


  Have you ever wasted your TIME and big heart on an unavailable man who prefers to keep things “casual” rather than create a real, lasting and loving partnership with you? Well it sucks! As a nice gal, you get so attached, you love big and it feels so hard to let go.  The key is to AVOID loving a man who cannot love you back and cannot give you the kind of relationship you truly deserve and desire. There are clear signs that signal the unavailable man and ways to not confuse him … [Read more...]