Oops, I Did It Again (Nice Gal Mistake)


(this is personal)Oops, I did it again. Despite my undeniable spiritual connection to my partner, I unconsciously chose a man who wanted me to take care of him and fix his problems. I walked into a bit of a blended family, post-divorce mess. Yikes. Which means… part of me was a MESS as well. RELATIONSHIPS ARE A MIRROR. YOU ATTRACT WHAT YOU ARE, NOT WHAT YOU WANT.There’s no blame here, I take complete responsibility for attracting from my nice gal pattern. Plus, admitting all the ways, I … [Read more...]

Unlucky in Love? Why You Should Keep Trying


I don’t believe luck has anything to do with finding love. Are there a few people who easily find love, with all the fixing’s? Yes, but you and I aren’t one of those people. We’re the one’s who feel unlucky in love, left out and frustrated. It seems so EASY for others and so damn hard for us. We painfully watch everyone else get fall in love and get married, wondering... ‘When will it be my turn?’ ‘Am I so unlovable?’ ‘What’s wrong with me?’ ‘Why am I still … [Read more...]