25 Self-Love Quotes


  You deserve to be loved, cherished, adored, cared for, listen to and supported. You deserve to feel relaxed, free, purposeful, cherished, adored, and excited, at ease, stimulated and happy. You deserve to feel acknowledged and accepted.  I challenge you to become your own best friend and treat yourself BIG JUICY LOVE. Self-love opens and heals your heart, allowing you to be a good receiver of love, share your deepest feelings, risk believing in yourself more, find the strength to … [Read more...]

Put the Cookie Down! 5 Steps to Heal from a Breakup


By Maryjane Kapteyn The heartbreak is fresh. You feel raw, exposed, and utterly shattered. You’re thinking ‘ Am I really here again... alone, single and struggling to understand why it didn’t work out.’??!!!! The loss of relationship can leave you feeling empty with a vacancy where love, support, safety and stability once lived. Now, you feel uncertain and unsure whether you can put all the pieces together and love again. You feel hurt, confused, anxious, maybe even angry, and lost … [Read more...]

Goddess or Doormat?


Pablo Picasso said, "There are only two types of women - goddesses and doormats." Which are you? Do you give more than you get? Do you sacrifice and accommodate to please because you fear losing your man’s love? Do you get super excited and subtly or overtly design your life around your man- becoming too available? Do you compromise your values to keep his love or put your dreams aside? Do you put his needs before your own and believe that by fulfilling him – he’ll be … [Read more...]

Q&A- Should I Wait or Should I Go?


Q&A - Should I Wait or Should I Go? Hi Maryjane I need your advice. I don’t know if I'm doing the right thing or not. My ex and I broke up towards the end of March. He was caught cheating by my friends. We broke up and didn’t talk for 2 months. We started talking again end of May about trying to patch things up and maybe getting back together. He said he's not ready right now cause he needs to work on some personal issues i.e going back to school, family dynamics etc. These issues … [Read more...]

The Non-Committal Man


Desperate, Insecure and Uncertain... or Just with the Wrong Man?  Memorize and imbed this next understanding– it’s my juicy, I know it from my own PAST shi*ty love experiences and my clients concur. It’s going to save you a lot of wasted time and stop you from rehashing that crazy stupid “what’s wrong with me?! And I’m not good enough stuff. Yuck! So, here it is... drum roll please... “You are either insecure or the man your with is making you FEEL insecure.” If you’re … [Read more...]

Nice Gal & The Bad Boy: Why You Get Hooked Part Two


Part Two Have you ever wasted your TIME and big heart on an unavailable man who prefers to keep things “casual” rather than create a real, lasting and loving partnership with you? The psychological appeal to the bad boy is that you never know if he likes you or if he’ll stick around. What you experience as excitement and the thrill of infatuation or romance, I call, anxiety, uncertainty and being on edge. Never knowing where you stand triggers a primal reaction to please him, give to … [Read more...]

Nice Gal & The Bad Boy: Are You Choosing What You Want or What You Need? Part One


  Have you ever wasted your TIME and big heart on an unavailable man who prefers to keep things “casual” rather than create a real, lasting and loving partnership with you? Well it sucks! As a nice gal, you get so attached, you love big and it feels so hard to let go.  The key is to AVOID loving a man who cannot love you back and cannot give you the kind of relationship you truly deserve and desire. There are clear signs that signal the unavailable man and ways to not confuse him … [Read more...]

Q&A: How to Get Your EX back


Hi! How do I get back with my ex when he says he wants space? I have already cried a million tears, begged him to just talk to me, sent him a million texts & probably everything else u said I should not do! So what now? Do I really even have a chance of getting him back at this point or should I give up? – Denise   Hello Denise, First of all thank you for reaching out and having the courage to admit your mistakes and ask for support. What should you do? Nothing. I mean nothing in … [Read more...]

Elbows in! Surrender to Love

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My man is so fantastic! He is a sexy masculine man, enlightened, generous, supportive, brave, my solid rock and my soft place to land. But I wear the poor guy out. I fall into these pesky little habits (the root cause I’ll explain in a jiffy), he gives and I refuse, he proposes, I argue, he offers, I push back, I talk over him, talk too much, I stay in my head and take charge. I put my elbows OUT and self-protect. Here he is, this great guy- trustworthy in every way- he just wants to take … [Read more...]