Shop, Don’t Sell: Be Choosy to Find The Right Man


Yes gals, please shop until you drop. Shop until you’ve exhausted the options, but not your credit card. I’m talking about no cost shopping for men. Being selective and choosy before you buy. Buying what fits perfectly and ignites feelings happiness and beauty. (Remember, no milk until he’s bought the store).Shopping looks like not rushing, not trying too hard, not falling for potential, not settling and not selling yourself short. Selling is when you’re trying to convince a man to buy … [Read more...]

Hey Nice Gal! STILL SINGLE? Choose A Man Who is Open to Love

 Choose a man open to love. Sounds obvious, doesn't it? Well I'll be the first to admit that I have altered, changed, obsessed and thought about how to act around a man so he wouldn’t reject me. I would wonder HOW I could show him what a great gal I was (worth catching) NICE, attractive, interesting etc. so he would want to get to know me and patient and understanding if he wasn’t ready to commit or didn’t know how he felt about me. Another way of looking at this is: I didn’t … [Read more...]