3 Things You Must Have to Get The Man & The Money


There are two kinds of people in this world those who have it all and those who get whatever is left over. Me? I was unsure of myself, never going for the kind of guy I always wanted, until suddenly with age and more emotional wear and tear those men we no longer interested in me or available. There are two kinds of dater's in this world, the confidence, love-savvy gal who knows her worth and the overlooked or undervalued gal who feels used up. I have a beautiful, powerful and spiritual friend … [Read more...]

25 Self-Love Quotes


  You deserve to be loved, cherished, adored, cared for, listen to and supported. You deserve to feel relaxed, free, purposeful, cherished, adored, and excited, at ease, stimulated and happy. You deserve to feel acknowledged and accepted.  I challenge you to become your own best friend and treat yourself BIG JUICY LOVE. Self-love opens and heals your heart, allowing you to be a good receiver of love, share your deepest feelings, risk believing in yourself more, find the strength to … [Read more...]

You Gotta Want It, Chickie!

NMNG gottawantitchickie

 Do you want to lose weight, grow in wealth, get fit, elevate your career or find love?Well, you gotta want it.I know saying you have to want something may sound obvious, but here’s what I mean.Let's say you have a goal to lose weight.You must want to the lose the weight and become that skinny person more than you want to eat, more than you want the emotional comfort food provides you. You must want to lose weight so intently, that you are utterly undeterred and entirely focused on that … [Read more...]

Fall In Love With Reality, Not Potential

fall in love reality wedding day couple

I love a good love story!Like all great love stories, couples who last wanted the same things, are ready for love and share mutual feelings of respect and adoration.Their love, compatibility and readiness are completely mutual!If we look at this example – the formula for choosing a relationship is really quite simple.She’s ready, into you and you want the same things– it’s a go.She’s not ready but into you- it’s not a go. He’s ready, into to you, and you share a vision of your … [Read more...]

Stop Struggling In Search of Love… Embrace Your Joy

One of my favorite love coaches Martha Beck talks about the path to finding your purpose as a practice of “going straight for the joy”. I believe that finding your Soulmate one works the same way. Call it the secret or some new agey thing but the vibration or feelings we send out draw ‘like’ experiences to us like magnets. It’s not based on fairness or how deserving you are or how bad you want it. In fact, the universe wants to give you a perfectly suited partner but you need to … [Read more...]

Give Up NOW! To Find Love

What Are You Willing to Give Up For Love? I bet when you think of finding the right relationship, you think of all the things you’ll HAVE with that special someone. Things like... Playfulness Affection Spontaneity Fun Companionship Sharing Laughter Support Adoration And so on! But in order to make space to welcome in LOVE, you’ll need to give certain things up. Whether you realize it or not, you give up to get more all the time. Let’s use some other real life examples, so you … [Read more...]

Hey Nice Gal! Are you Trying Too Hard to Find Love?


 Ever heard the old adage, “It will happen when you aren’t looking”? This statement used to frustrate and infuriate me. Mostly because I feared it was true. Being a sensitive perfectionist I believed in taking action to make things happen. Love was no different. I thought that pushing for what I wanted meant I was being responsible; that effort and persistence was the guaranteed path to finding love. I just felt this incessant anxiety and uncertainty around my love life wanting so badly … [Read more...]

Q&A: Why Men Disappear

Hey Maryjane, I'm reaching out to you because there's a guy who was in my life that is constantly on my mind. We were seeing each other for an entire month and every time it was so much fun. We were always texting each other. He made me laugh and we shared many things in common. I've helped him out also. I'm extremely attracted to him and felt an amazing connection, which breaks me up inside because he is no longer there. It’s been two weeks since we’ve spoken. I called him from my home … [Read more...]

Are You Insecure, Or Is A Player, Non-Committal Man Driving You To Unworthiness?

Insecure or dating Mr Wrong?

By Maryjane Kapteyn Needy. Clingy. Desperate. Insecure. YUCK!  The dreaded words you never want to hear from a man... let alone admit you sometimes feel. So, the big question is.... Are you driving a man away with your insecure ways, OR is the relationship driving you into insecurity. Is it YOU or is it him? It’s YOU...if Your man is consistently attentive and affectionate but no amount of reassurance ever makes you feel SURE or SAFE more than temporarily. You carry fears of … [Read more...]

I like You, But I Like Me More


It’s subtle or not so subtle, but the habit of over-giving and over-functioning creeps in the minute you really start liking” a guy. In fact, the more feelings you have, the more excited you are about the idea of him, the more you crave his time and attention, the greater danger you are of losing you, to him. Nice Gals do this all the time. It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill, excitement and hope of a new relationship and forget about putting you first. It’s fun, romantic and it … [Read more...]