Shop, Don’t Sell: Be Choosy to Find The Right Man


Yes gals, please shop until you drop. Shop until you’ve exhausted the options, but not your credit card. I’m talking about no cost shopping for men. Being selective and choosy before you buy. Buying what fits perfectly and ignites feelings happiness and beauty. (Remember, no milk until he’s bought the store).Shopping looks like not rushing, not trying too hard, not falling for potential, not settling and not selling yourself short. Selling is when you’re trying to convince a man to buy … [Read more...]

Fall In Love With Reality, Not Potential

fall in love reality wedding day couple

I love a good love story!Like all great love stories, couples who last wanted the same things, are ready for love and share mutual feelings of respect and adoration.Their love, compatibility and readiness are completely mutual!If we look at this example – the formula for choosing a relationship is really quite simple.She’s ready, into you and you want the same things– it’s a go.She’s not ready but into you- it’s not a go. He’s ready, into to you, and you share a vision of your … [Read more...]

Q&A: He’s Got Me, Now He’s lazy. What do I do to get my man to pay attention to me?

lazy custom infographic

My Man is LAZY.  What do I do to get him to pay attention to me?My man and I dated 3 years and living together 2 years exactly. 4 months ago he proposed, I was so happy. Anyway, we work opposite shifts so we hardly get time to do things together as a couple. However, the off days and free time he does have, he spends sleeping or watch's television. It’s been months since he has suggested or made any effort to steal my heart or show me how much he loves me. His very caring and sweet, but I a … [Read more...]