Relationship Readiness

 What If You Could Attract the Right Partner No Matter Past Disappointments Or Barriers You Think You Have to Love And Start Feeling and Having The Love You Want Now?

“I am ready to let go of the past and learn how to create a new possibility of love in my life.”

   Do you know why you are not attracting the right partner?

   Have you released the pain of the past and found the gem or learning that will bring you closer to real love?

   What would be different if you had absolute clarity about what you most need and want in love, and you had a clear purpose and plan for dating?

   Are you ready to feel worthy to allow BIG love in your life and feel abundant, free, trusting and happy?

 Do  you find yourself falling for the same kind of guy over and over? Or repeating the same relationship mistakes and confused how this keeps happening? Well, it’s time to break the pattern and start attracting what you really want!

To find love, you must be ready for love.

You’ve been hurt, confused and disappointed in the past. Maybe you are even thinking, “If I can just meet the right guy this time will be different.”  In a way you are right, but you are also wrong.

All of us have patterns of belief, behavior, thinking and feeling which create the results we experience. These patterns create our circumstances; the people places and events we attract.

The first step to being ready for loveis to understand the type of men you attract, are attracted to and WHY. This way you can re-write your love scripts and be FREE to have a true, soul-connected love.

Your present is a result of your past.

Your current love life is a result of past patterns re-surfacing in the present. And they are holding you back from future possibilities of great love, joy, happiness and fulfillment.

The good news is that the same powerful part of you created the pattern (and it did so for your healing) can empower you to re-create your love life to reflect what you want, instead of what you don’t want.

You can stop feeling victimized, confused, lost or alone. You can stop feeling afraid or behaving in ways that are sabotaging your relationships.

Best of all, you won’t have to rely on wishful thinking for things to change because I will teach you how to confidently develop the skills and perspectives needed to transform your romantic destiny.

Desire is not Enough!

Desire is NOT ENOUGH! If desire and longing alone attracted love, then you would have found the man of your dreams already.

I don’t say this to be mean or insensitive but to stop you from the cycle of discouragement and despair to mustering up the strength to believe in love and go on just one more date.

Learn from my hard-earned experience. I spent years longing and searching for love. The more I longed and the harder I tried to find it, the more love alluded me.

All that wanting felt like pressure, and every man I dated felt it too! Despite being a confident, strong and capable woman, my frustrated desire sent out energy of desperation, aloneness, and longing that no man could find attractive or compelling.

It was only when I shifted my focus to being love and being ready for love, my Soulmate and I found each other. I want the same for you!

To attract the relationship you want, you must step out of your patterns so you can finally stop longing for love and start feeling it!

I know it can be scary to hear all this and risk making big changes. But what is even more frightening and defeating is watching the past replay and feeling like you have no control over your own happiness.

I want to teach you the tools, perspectives, understandings and techniques that empower you to CHANGE your patterns.

Two Things…

Once we start, two things will happen. First, you will start feeling good and start attracting positive dating and love experiences.

Secondly, cultivating inner awareness and taking action to create positive change means you will develop SELF-TRUST. This is priceless! Once you know what to do and how to do it, to get what you want. You can repeat these steps, over and over again, with success.

No more luck or wishful thinking. No more out-dated ideas convincing you that you are too old, too over-weight, too independent, etcetera, or in any way ‘not good enough’ or incapable of finding love.

You are worthy of love. Now all you need is the support, awareness and tools to remove any obstacles within that prevent you from allowing the right man to enter your life and your heart.

You Will Learn:

   Profound advice for how to let go of stubborn old patterns that are getting in the way of finding the man and relationship you are worthy of and how to create new mindset that attracts you to the right man. 

   How to eliminate the emotional patterns and hurts of the past by changing your energy and re-writing your love-scripts.

   Why dating men outside your usual ‘type’ will support you to break your patterns and re-write your beliefs about love.  

   How to receive love so you can attract a giving man who knows how to love.

   With absolute clarity, exactly what you need from a partner to feel loved and how to get these needs met, now, while you are single and/or dating, in preparation for the one.

   Identify the ways you sabotage love and how to start letting love in!

   To be the love you want, so you attract it easily and effortlessly, in every relationship. No desire needed!

   How to develop a clear, positive dating plan that supports you in finding real love! Learn the secret to turning every date into a positive and self-affirming experience – even if he isn’t the guy.

   How to truly release and forgive the past by understanding it as a path that is bringing you to the one and your authentic self.

Relationship Readiness is a healing path that brings you to the great love within and with a Soulmate.  As you integrate the love lessons presented in this program the past stops being the present and you open to a new bright and fulfilling future: a future NOW, where you attract relationships that allow you to feel loved, safe, and cherished.

Start learning TODAY HOW to find love by healing your past!

Coaching will support you in creating your own individualized plan to get the love you want and it will teach you the habits of self-care to make sure that relationship is fulfilling and lasts.

Love is an ENERGY, SKILL, and ACTION. Start today, NOW, to learn HOW to have the love you want.

Big Love & Many Thanks,



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