One-On-One Coaching


Relationship Readiness

    “I am ready to let go of the past and learn how to create a new possibility of love in my life.”

     Do you know why you are not attracting the right partners?

√     Have you released the pain of the past and found the gem or learning that will bring you closer to real love?

√     What would be different if you had absolute clarity about what you most need and want- and had a clear purpose and plan for dating?

     Are you ready to feel worthy to allow BIG love in your life and feel abundant, free, trusting and happy?


 Intuitive Dating

      “I am ready to learn how to date successfully by applying universal laws and intuitive power to magnetize myself to love.”

√     Do you know how to date successfully with joy and purpose?

     What if you knew how to screen a man- to spot a player from one of the good guys? Isn’t it time you learned what confident and self-assured women use to meet Mr. Right!

     Do you trust intuition and know how to use it as a guidance system in relationships?

√     What if you knew how to communicate your “feelings” that inspires a man’s desire to please you and get all your needs met- drama free!

√     Are you ready to magnetize yourself to love – so you can attract what you want with ease and effortlessness?


 Conscious Relationship

“I am ready to find & keep a conscious, committed relationship with the love of my life!

     Do you want to move from Dating to Devoted?

     Would you like to learn how to inspire his devotion and commitment so you can feel secure and cherished?

      How would your relationship radically transform if you knew how to communicate to increase connection, intimacy and bring up issues without ever getting into conflict with your man?

     Are you ready to re-write unconscious patterns and agreements to allow the openhearted surrender, committed, real love requires?


 Spiritual Love

“I am ready to claim my inherent worthiness and create the experience of unconditional love in all my relationships especially within myself.” 

      Have you experienced deep pain, loss and disappointment in past relationships and feel afraid to trust risking love again?


√     Do you find despite all your accomplishments and talents that you secretly fear love will not happen for you?

     Is it difficult for you to receive love and do you replay negative self-talk messages that say you aren’t good enough?

     Are you ready to stop blame yourself or trying so hard to make a relationship succeed?

     Would you like to learn how to learn how to receive and attract healthy love by feeling confident, worthy and self-assured?


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