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Learn How To Attract A Soulmate

By Being & Magnetizing the Love You Want!


√ What IF you could save yourself years of heartache by knowing how to successfully screen for the right partner?

√ IF you could date confidently, while being yourself and trusting your intuition (not rules) every step of the way?

√ Can you imagine what life would be like IF you had a special person to share it with? A Soulmate partner, who cherishes you, understands and listens to you, respects you, supports you and with whom you share passionate and heart-filled connection.


If you are still single, chances are love seems possible for everyone else but you. You have experienced disappointment, frustration, confusion about men and heartache in your quest for love. Each ‘failure in love’ has chipped away at your self-esteem, confidence and positive belief in the possibility of love.

You have completed vision boards, improved your self-image, become dating rules savvy, read about the laws of attraction, are online dating, but despite all these efforts – you still aren’t getting results.


Attracting Love Requires Clarity! To have great love means knowing how to SCREEN for the right partner – so you can avoid wasting your heart on the wrong man. Plus, learning how to BE the right partner.

Attracting Love Requires Clearing! Having the love you want requires letting go of the emotional clutter of the past and transforming the unconscious patterns that sabotage your love success.

Attracting Love Requires Commitment! You must learn how to break old patterns of belief while inviting in new possibilities by learning powerful manifesting techniques.

Attracting Love Requires Confidence! You must feel completely confident in your ability to attract and keep love in every aspect of your life. It is time to feel completely assured that your needs will be met and you can trust receiving and giving love.


Coaching FAQ’s

Who are your typical clients? My clients are smart, spiritual and giving women – essentially good catches who are frustrated by dating and serious about finding a long-term, fulfilling love relationship. They feel confused about the opposite sex and are ready to leave disappointment in the past by doing things differently. They tend to over-give in relationships and need to rebuild their confidence and positive belief in the possibility of love.

Do you work with men? Or do you exclusively coach women? While the majority of my clients are smart, spiritual and nurturing women, 25-45, I’ve coached men looking for real love and couples in keeping and growing the love they have. If you are struggling with dating and relationships, and you’re serious about getting different results, I can help. I have a section exclusively catering to men on this site. 

So let’s say I want to work with you. How long does it take?

Finding a life partner and transforming limiting love patterns, takes time. Coaching is a process, not an event. For optimum, lasting results, we talk weekly for approximately three months but you will see results within the first month.

Really, coaching works that fast? You will start feeling stronger and more encouraged right away.  Sometimes the difference between despair and success is just one key piece of information, one shift in perspective that alters your entire life.

But what if I just want one session? Sorry. Attracting and keeping a healthy partner doesn’t happen in a single phone session. Together we are going to recreate your new love life from the ground up and rebuild it on a solid foundation.  Each session builds on the last to create momentum, positive energy, insight and the new love habits you need in order to create lasting love.

Specifically, Dating Coaching is about changing the way you choose men and changing how you FEEL, not about changing a man. And Love Coaching is about changing HOW you love so all your relationships are fulfilling and joyful. 

Can’t I just read your Raw Man program? I hope you will! It is the most comprehensive e-course screening system for love and it will give you the clarity and confidence you need to find the right match for you! Screening is only one step in the dating process, you must also become a woman who is ready for love and knows how to love. One-on-one coaching offers the individualized support, accountability and specialized knowledge that will help you achieve your love goals faster and with ease.

How are you different than other dating and relationship coaches? Many coaches have set programs they put every client regardless of their unique needs, strengths and goals. This doesn’t make sense! Can you imagine the difference of working with a coach whose expertise is pinpointing your key areas of change and growth to create a customized program for you? I am an expert at knowing the key issue that is keeping a client from the love they want and how to transform it, permanently. I skillfully know how to identify and shift the conflicting patterns, limiting beliefs and fears that sabotage people’s love lives. And this not only saves time and money, but it means getting the love results you want!

It all sounds great. Kind of scary, but exciting! Just one more question: what do you mean by “starting a new love life from scratch”? Give me a little taste here…
Transforming your love life means changing the patterns, agreements and beliefs that determine the way you relate and connect in relationship. Where we start depends entirely on your circumstances. Choose the area of coaching that best reflects where you are now, so I can help support you.

The 3 Reasons Why You Haven’t Found or

Attracted Your Soulmate …Yet.

Reason #1: You lack adequate clarity. We think we know the kind of person we want to love, but we don’t have nearly enough clarity on what kind of qualities will really make us happy or how to screen for the right partner!  It’s why your relationships start out promising, but eventually become difficult, disconnected or disenchanting.

Reason #2:You don’t believe you are worthy of real love. Some part of you feels not good enough, unworthy or undeserving and is still holding onto limiting beliefs, memories and patterns of the past. You feel the emotional reminders of every failed relationship and this emotional clutter is literally blocking you from attracting your Soulmate. A solid truth is to HAVE real love you must BE real love.

Reason # 3: You not applying the right manifestation techniques to your love life. While you have achieved great success in other areas of life, the methods for magnetizing true love operate differently. It is likely that some of what has helped you reach personal goals is blocking you from achieving success in love.

Trying at Love …whew! 

If you are anything like my clients or myself you have spent years TRYING AT LOVE. You have been trying to attract love, keep love, avoid the pain of love, and to feel good enough for love. And you are tired of the disappointment, loneliness and heartache.

I wasted years loving men who didn’t know how to love and feeling not good enough. I mistakenly fell in love with potential, with appearances, with security and with the dream of love. Motivated by the pain of loss and disappointment I discovered that I needed to completely transform my relationship with love: I needed to know how to Screen for the right partner and how to BE the right partner so I could attract Soulmate love.

Now, I finally feel worthy of love and feel a happiness, contentment and fulfillment that had previously eluded me. By breaking the patterns that were holding me back from love, I now have a clear irresistible path for a real love, Soulmate relationship to enter my life. It is my heartfelt desire as a Coach to help you avoid future heartache and claim your worthiness so you can finally experience the love you truly deserve and desire. The RAW Love system has worked for me and so many others, so I know it can work for you to!



Coaching is for you if …….

  • You aren’t getting quality dates! Learn how to attract high quality men and screen out the duds. 


  • You’re trying to figure him out or trying to win him over! It’s not about changing to get the guy but being a radiant RAW Woman he simply can’t resist.


  • You find yourself longing for love and questioning why you haven’t found a good guy who will love and cherish you


  • You sometimes worry you may not be good enough for love. And you have a hard time receiving. But with only a few simple changes you can STOP feeling unworthy and finally get the love you’ve always wanted. 


  • You consistently attract or are attracted to emotionally unavailable or unhealthy men. oh geeze! it’s time to understand the real reason of WHY you’re attracted to distant or aloof men or ‘bad boys’ so you can start making the choice for love. 




Commit NOW to transforming your love life!


By changing limiting love patterns and learning to date successfully you can become the joyful, radiant and worthy woman you were always meant to be.


The possibility of love exists for each and everyone of us. The world is better served if we are happy, fulfilled, creative and purposeful – and the universe supports this. Soulmate love is that special love that allows us to be fully ourselves and become better in the world for having met each other. I know you want this!


Let me teach you how to Attract & BE the right partner so you get the             attention, love and commitment you desire!


Begin today to create the right conditions that will radically change your romantic destiny and attract a real love partner you’ve always wanted! All it takes is a little clarity, some big love worthiness and a few simple manifestation techniques. To get access to one-on-one coaching opportunities, please look below to choose the best personal program option that supports what you need and desire.

Big Love & Many thanks,


One-On-One Coaching Programs


Relationship Readiness


“I am ready to let go of the past and learn how to create a new possibility of love in my life.”


   Do you know why you are not attracting the right partner?

√   Have you released the pain of the past and found the gem or learning that will bring you closer to real love?

   What would be different if you had absolute clarity about what you most need and want in love, and you had a clear purpose and plan for dating?

   Are you ready to feel worthy to allow BIG love in your life and feel abundant, free, trusting and happy?

   Do you find yourself falling for the same kind of guy over and over? Or repeating the same relationship mistakes and confused how this keeps happening? Well, it’s time to break the pattern and start attracting what you really want!



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