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I adore men. So, it breaks my heart that women have misunderstood, overlooked and emasculated you. And that confusion, frustration and a few simple mishaps have blocked you from a great relationship with fun, respect, purposefulness, appreciation and awesome sex.

I want you to find a sexy, playful, nurturing woman who truly sees and appreciates you for the man you are and all you aspire to be. A gal who inspires you, respects you, turns you on and energizes you.

Good Guys Unite

If you’re reading this it’s because you’re a good, honest, overall great guy who despite your best efforts is still single and confused about this whole relationship thing. And you want love and you want to be in a committed relationship.
You may even be trying on this whole spiritually conscious movement, yoga or a few things a little more ‘woo woo’ just to figure it all out. It’s awesome that you’re willing to do that!

Because the number #1 complaint I hear from women is that men refuse to learn and grow. NOT TRUE! It’s time, we put that one to rest and realize it shows great character to say – “hey maybe I can learn a little more about myself, about women and about this relationship stuff. This doesn’t make me a failure, less masculine or weak- it means I’m taking the same initiative I’ve taken to succeed in other areas of my life.” Here, here!!!!

My Kinda Guy!

You’re the guy who genuinely loves life, has a good heart and knows how to love (even if your delivery needs a little polishing). You’re one of the “Good guys” women overlook and choose as a buddy or friend. But with just a little dating education, polishing and a little more knowledge about us gals we perk up and come around realizing you’re keepers! I’ll teach you how to give her what she needs so she realizes you’re exactly what she has always wanted.

OR you’re the “good guy gone wrong”. Oops! You temporarily lost your way (and you know it and aren’t blaming anyone!) by dating the wrong type of women for the wrong reasons. You fell into a few bad habits, for example a common ‘need fulfillment trap’ of chasing attraction and sex over love, but now you’re ready to have hot sex and a great relationship!

OR you’re the guy who meets amazing women and enjoys magical first beginnings until something just changes and it ends. You don’t get it but something triggers a “bad gut feeling” and suddenly, you lose interest and attraction. You likely don’t even know what happened but when it ends, you’re just as disappointed and confused as she is. The key is you’re no longer under the illusion that she just wasn’t ‘the right gal for you’. Because how many times can that happen? You’re not wrong and its not bad luck. You know exactly what you want but there’s a ‘disconnect’ in allowing it. You don’t want to lose out anymore so you’re willing to figure out why you disappeared.

So, if this fits and makes sense to you- you’re ‘my kinda guy’. Roll up your sleeves and let’s get started! I’m with you all the way!

I’ll help You Get What You Want

  • To be seen, understood and appreciated
  • To get the recognition, respect and credit you deserve.
  • To have the relationship you’ve always wanted
  • The freedom to follow your interests and purpose
  • A Deep connection with a woman you love and great sex

And to get all this you must be willing to make some new choices, because you’re the source and the solution of what you want. Your efforts and choices equal your results. It’s that simple. If, you want different results you need to approach things differently. You must decide.

I’m NOT going to ask you to change who you are. I want you to BE YOU! I’ll simply offer the fastest and most effective way to get you to your goal of a great relationship and in the process support you to be the best version of yourself, act from full integrity, live your values, and craft the life YOU want.

Should I Need A Coach? Shouldn’t I be Able to Figure this stuff out on my own?

Professional Athletes have coaches. Top Executives have coaches. Even coaches have coaches! Why? Because by finding the most effective way to get to the goal saves time and energy and avoids frustration. Who wouldn’t want that! You already have lots going for you. Now take my expertise and leverage it so it works for you!

You can learn the hard way by trial and error, or spinning your wheels doing what you’ve always done or asserting, “why do I have to be the one to change”. Well, you don’t…. unless, you want to STOP being stuck and single. Ask why am I STILL single and even better – WHAT am I willing to do about it?

Why You Want Me As Your Coach

If, you want to be better, you have to know better. And who better than a woman (who also has coached tons of women) to help you understand women! And a woman who made many mistakes with men and watched men make tons of mistakes with me, to help you navigate this whole dating and love thing.

Plus, besides having almost two decades of coaching success under my belt- I’m my own success story. I attracted my great love and I walk my own talk by continuing to live into this love every day by showing up for my man and for the relationship.

I am your map and mentor to the woman of your dreams. No more missing out on a good thing!

What Will I Gain from Coaching?

I’ll give you some kick-ass tools for how to date successfully, how to understand the confusing but alluring ways of women and how to put your best foot forward with your masculine strength and accomplishment- so that fabulous woman won’t pass you by.

But I want to go much deeper than that.

I want you to understand what’s keeping you SINGLE and WHY you sometimes disappeared emotionally and physically in past relationships. I want to tackle the deeper reasons you have yet to find love – so we can FIX it!

And hey, you’ve already learned a few things and I am sure you already have some “mad skills” we can apply to finding love. It’s likely you don’t need a major engine overhaul – just a great tune-up and you’re on your way.

So, stay with me! If your reading this it’s because you’re ready and willing to truly understand what’s keeping you single. I promise to give you value for your time!

Your Rockin’, Smokin’ Dream Girl (& Life!)

What would life be like if………

You woke up this morning feeling motivated, enthusiastic, determined and excited. You can’t believe your ‘luck’ as you look at the beautiful, sexy woman lying beside you, as she looks at you with desire and happiness. And you’re the reason she is smiling: you feel appreciated, needed and alive!

She is the kind of woman you are proud to be with: she is nurturing, playful, intelligent, independent, and makes you feel good, secure, loved and trusted. Being with her is so effortless you naturally protect, support and give to her: it feels safe to share your ideas and ambitions, open your heart and ravish and penetrate her with full intensity and presence.

This is the kind of women who believes in you so much she nurtures the vision you have for your own greatness and inspires you to reach for it. With her you by your side, you know you can handle any challenge thrown your way and you walk into each day feeling taller, stronger, more capable, and more masculine.

Believe me, you can have this! These women exist! I know because I am one of them and I have coached hundreds of women to become just what you are looking for!

Here’s the KEY. No one attracts this kind of love by accident. You have to BE and PRESENT yourself as the kind of man, a woman like this would want.

Love Doesn’t Just Happen!

IF you’re still single its because of a few reasons.

  • You’re not presenting your best self and best qualities – so she can see the ‘Prince’ you really are – so she just walks on by or trade’s up. Ouch!
  • You don’t know HOW to appeal to what a women needs not what she thinks she wants. (Remember the confusion of giving her what she said she wanted only to have her flip her story and ask for it’s opposite. Yeesh- I give up! Waving the white flag. Well, I’ll teach you to GIVE her what she needs so you become what she wants.
  • You’re overlooking fantastic women all around you, because they don’t fit your ‘ideal type’. You make the same mistake women do by falling for chemistry, chasing attraction instead of looking for love. (You know- the type that drive you nuts, are emotionally heavy weights, are demanding, unappreciative but you stay because they’re hot, the sex is amazing and your so attracted -hhhmmm).
  • You making a few key mistakes in how you communicate and relate to women that is a turn-off. And just so ya know – it’s different through the different phases of the relationship.
  • You’re not aware of the truth of your emotions so your “gut feelings” decide if you’re sticking around, shutting down or running. But most ‘gut reactions aren’t accurate gages of the relationship’s potential. So, you disappear instead of learning to ‘deal’.


  • Attract a ‘drama-free’ relationship with a healthy, smart, independent, nurturing, soft and happy woman
  • Give women what they really need! So they won’t judge your looks, career or bank account but appreciate and desire you for the man you are, today. Attract a women who believes in you feel ‘fired up” to become the best version of yourself
  • Drop the masculine pretense that you don’t need love or shouldn’t show weakness while still being a MAN!
  • Project confidence, purposefulness and success by being your most chivalrous, generous and attentive self in dating!
  • Grow your love skills to KEEP your woman happy! Because if she’s happy- you’re happy!
  • Remove your resistance to change – so you can put your best foot forward being 100% you! Without faking it!
  • Know why you disappeared emotionally or physically from relationships in the past – so you can STOP sabotaging your chances at love.
  • STOP catering to a woman’s preferences or expectations BY actually giving her what she needs (not what she thinks she wants) that no other men in her life are providing- so you stand out as special and different. She’ll be amazed!
  • Translate your “gut feelings” into clear truth messages – so you know for sure what’s ‘just fear‘, what’s a misunderstanding’ or the truth of – ‘this isn’t the right woman for me’.
  • Be READY for love and demonstrate the qualities women look for in men they easily desire and respect.
  • Clearly communicate who you are, what you want and your intentions because we FIND exactly what we ARE not what we say we want. This way, no one wastes their time, feels misled or disappointed.

I’m going to give you a clear path into a woman’s heart- so you can show up RAW and hard. But not just any woman- the kind you really, really want (and likely are overlooking!)

I’m going to challenge you to take some of the effort you invest in working out and working hard in your career to understanding women and learning to find success in love.

My Tough-Love (Sugar Added) Method

I’m going to dole out some hard, big truths in here, with a little sugar added, because there’s no point not giving it to you straight. I want you to STOP being misinformed, confused by conflicting information, and start being way more “enlightened” about love and dating.

I won’t waste your time (I know you’re busy!). I go right to the heart of it and get you to your solution. I guarantee that whatever you think the problem is that’s keeping you from your dream girl- likely isn’t. It’s my GIFT. I see patterns very clearly and I will ‘KNOW’ exactly what’s holding you back and what you need to move forward. The next layer of my expertise is to provide you with a clear and illuminate path to get from where you are to where you want to be.

How Does It Work?

We’ll start with a 10-week program that includes weekly homework for you to try on your own and apply to your dating life or relationship. I tailor these assignments based on the goals we discuss in our initial conversation.  We’ll craft a package for our work together that meets your goals and respects how much time, energy, and money you want to invest and want me to invest.  We might connect as few as 4 times during the 10 weeks or as many as 10.  Some clients get all they need from talking with me in 30 minutes; others prefer an hour to go over lots of areas or to really be heard. If you’re dating and want advice in-between our sessions you can upgrade your service to have my advice only a quick phone call away.

Why at least 10-weeks? Because finding a life partner and transforming limiting love patterns, takes time. Coaching is a process, not an event. For optimum, lasting results, we talk weekly for approximately three months, but you will see results within the first month.

Really, coaching works that fast?

Yes, it does! You’ll start feeling stronger and more encouraged right away. Sometimes the difference between frustration and success is just one key piece of information, one shift in perspective that alters your entire direction.

What’s it Cost?

There’s no cost for an initial 15-20 minute consultation to answer your questions and to see if we’re a fit.  If in that conversation it seems like one session (including follow-up a month later) would give you the value you want right now, we can set that up.  It’s $300.  More likely, you’re looking for a more robust dating program and a more comprehensive set of changes.  In that case, we’ll craft our 10 week plan and which falls in the $800-$3000 range, depending on the scope of our ambitions.
Ready to set up a consultation? Or do you have questions you want answered via email? Either way, use the contact page I look forward to connecting with you soon!




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