Don’t Let Doubt Stop You

“Anything you do is peppered with doubt and it is peppered with belief. What you have to do is not let doubt win. You got to make yourself go forward. You got to make yourself push through. There’s always doubt to drive you forward. I wasn’t going to let the doubt overcome the belief I have in what I could do.” Tim McGraw

Listen up nice gal, you’re single for one core reason alone, you’ve been trying too hard to find love this has mistakenly pushed it away.

A faulty, unconscious ‘not good enough’ belief has had you chasing self-worth by:

  • Trying to earn love by being better
  • Loving to be loved
  • Giving to be worthy to receive
  • Pleasing to gain approval and secure belonging

Causing you to settle, strive, and struggle. It’s exhausting.

Chasing after love (or money), guarantee’s it will run away. You already have the scars of heartache, rejection and abandonment to show for it.

Now you DOUBT your value and question whether you can attract what it is you desire.

Let’s change this today!

Doubt is standing in the way of you attracting the relationship of your dreams, manifesting big money $$ and living your purpose.

All this chasing, striving and trying too hard is eroding your self-worth, keeping you single and frustrated as you live beneath your full potential.

The good news is that underlying patterns that turn love away and keep you locked in low self-worth can be healed and eliminated effortlessly once you tap into your strength, joy and natural confidence.

The 30-day Unstoppable Confidence Program supports you to believe in you and in love, so you can kick self-doubt to the curb, plus stop trying too hard to get the man and the money. Positive belief and self-confidence is your ticket to attracting adoration, love and support.

When you’re filled up with irresistible confidence, your attraction-factor and money-magnetism goes UP!

Don’t take my word for it, see what my client’s Brooke and Natalie have to say…

“Maryjane you helped me understand I don’t have to give up me to be loved by a man. I can put up boundaries and ask for what I want. I feel so confident and secure now in myself that being with a man has become easy, fun and carefree.” Brooke

“For years, I believed something was wrong with me because I couldn’t find love. (believing) somehow i was flawed or unworthy. But, you taught me that the source of my insecurity came from dating emotionally unavailable men who made me feel less than. You helped me re-build my confidence and believe I deserve the best. Now, I only date men who treat me with respect and are totally into me.” Natalie

Why 30-days?

It takes time to change a habit and more than having a brief new years moment of inspiration, I want to support you to develop the muscle of self-commitment. Because committing fully to yourself is how you’ll attract a man who will commit.

I believe that universe doesn’t give you a dream you aren’t capable of achieving. I believe you’re naturally strong, capable and confident until heartbreak and pesky nice gal insecurities got in the way.

30-Day Unstoppable Confidence Program 

For only $97 here’s what you get:

  • Get The Man and The Money Without Settling, Striving or Struggling E-Book
  • 2016 Goal Setting Workbook
  • 30-Day Confidence Meditation & Mantra’s
  • Believe in You, Put You First & Love You Up Exercises
  • Overcome Self-doubt & Boost Your Confidence
  • My ‘Unstoppable Confidence Formula’

As you’re working through the Unstoppable Confidence Program – everyday, you’ll also receive a tapped-in heart-focused, universal remote healing sessions from me. I will support you with a “Heal Your Heart” Meditation.

This is 30 sessions of heart-healing confidence boosting to manifest more LOVE and MONEY in 2016.

The actual value of this program is $2997, but as a new years special I’m offering this program for only $97. If you really want to stop feeling stuck… here ya go! This price is limited and will go up, as we get closer to launch date January 10, 2016.

Please note, you do not speak with me one-on-one or email me directly. This keeps admin time down and allows the focus to stay on the energetic transformation that supports a worthy life and relationship.

Take advantage of this AMAZING offer, CLICK BUY NOW to get started!


Gratefully Yours,





Nice Gal Life, Love & Dating Coach

Founder of TLC: The Love Coach & No More Nice Gal!

P.S. This is a completely remote program.  It will work with you exactly where you are, gently and effectively.  The more people that participate, the more powerful the collective healing energy. The only thing you need to do is sign up and share with your friends!

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