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 Are You Ready to Have the Real Love, Full-On Commitment With Your Dream Guy And Feel the Freedom, Happiness & Peace of Mind That Comes from Knowing How to Inspire His Love & Devotion So He Feels Ready and Only Wants You!

“YES! I am ready to find & keep a conscious, committed relationship with the love of my life!”

  Do you want to move from Dating to Devoted?

√   Would you like to learn how to inspire your man’s devotion and commitment so you can feel secure and cherished?

√   How would your relationship radically transform if you knew how to communicate to increase connection, intimacy and bring up issues without ever getting into conflict?

√   Do you know how to express your emotions without getting emotional? Do you trust that any concerns, doubts, or expressed needs won’t threaten the loss of your man?

√   Are you willing to stop giving to get and learn to inspire his love in a way that meets your love needs and his – at the same time!?

√   Do you feel puzzled by men- why they react they way they do, are so commitment phobic and independent? Are you ready to learn what makes men tick and the secret to lasting, fulfilling love with the opposite sex?

√   Are you ready to re-write unconscious patterns and agreements to allow the openhearted surrender that committed, real love requires?

Can you imagine what it would be like to wake up each day beside the man you love feeling secure, supported, connected and in-love? To know exactly how he feels about you and assured he is planning a future with you in it! What would it be like if you knew HOW to inspire his devotion by keeping the passion, heart-felt love, and support flowing? 

It is possible!

I want to show you how!

So, you found that special guy! -someone to share yourself with and to enjoy fun, special times together. And naturally, you want to protect this love and nourish it by knowing how to deepen the intimacy and connection. You want to know how to inspire his devotion so you can feel secure in his love and build a future together!

And you never want to be ‘the couple’ that love each other, but aren’t in-love. Maybe, that in love feeling is starting to fade, and your scared.

The honeymoon phase when loving felt easy, the connection was intense and you felt supported and cherished because you were lavished with attention, feels over. Now, he isn’t as excited to see you and this makes you feel sad and empty.

In past relationships, asking for what you need or expressing your upset just made a man withdrawal or react with frustration, impatience, defensiveness or anger. So, you try to repress these feelings, fill up with others things by staying busy with work, time with girlfriends, chocolate, exercise, shopping or entertainment. And you give your man what you want from him by being generous with your time and understanding….just HOPING things will be better… day.

But is doesn’t have to be this way!

You must be thinking HOW can I re-spark the passion and inspire my man to lavish me with affection, adoration and attention? How can I express my emotions without him becoming defensive or withdrawing? How can I stop worrying about my relationship and start enjoying it again?

Well you can start feeling connected and cherished! It only takes a few EASY changes to turn-around your relationship and bring back the feelings that made you fall in love and choose each other in the first place.

But before I show you HOW you can reignite the passion, inspire his support, attention and adoration and make him want to commit to you forever– lets talk about a few things that prevent us from “getting the love we want”.

Change this NOW! 

Being Needy……

“Needy”: a dreaded phase and accusation every women hates to hear or ever feel. In fact, we will do just about anything to avoid this feeling because we never want to be seen as being desperate, emotional or demanding.

First, let’s clear something up!

Every woman, no matter how accomplished, beautiful or confident has felt insecure or unfulfilled at some time in a relationship.

You are NOT alone!

Let’s reframe! You’re NOT needy, demanding or emotional. Like everyone else, you have needs. And I come from the theory that “you are only as needy as your unmet needs.” So the goal here is for you to learn HOW to inspire your man to meet your needs without making classic communication mistakes that repel rather than inspire his devotion and love.

Bad Communication…. 

Mistakes like, taking charge, controlling, manipulating, suggesting (however, innocently), withdrawing, threatening or comparing.

I have done all these things, and maybe worse, in my past relationships. I did it because I felt so sad, so confused, angry and frustrated and lost. I just had no idea what else to do. So I did what I had learned in childhood. It only made me feel bad and it always backfired.

I don’t want you to ever feel this bad or helpless EVER! Or do something that just makes matters worse.

Getting a man to do anything because he fears losing you, feels guilty or inadequate isn’t love – it’s control and it’s manipulative. The exact opposite of the unconditional love and acceptance you want to FEEL and CREATE.

Feeling Empty….

You want your man to WANT to spend time with you because he feels so turned on and proud to be with you! You want him to FEEL your radiance, responsiveness and openness. Because guess what! he needs you to help him connect with his heart – so you need to be moving, expressing, breathing and igniting passion from your heart. When you do this, you’ll feel light, playful, joyful and free. By being this energy and receiving his giving – his heart will naturally open up so he FEELS inspired to please you!

How is this possible?

STEP ONE is to STOP doing all the things that are blocking the flow of love between you and your man (everything I just spoke about!). Ya know like holding a grudge, refuse his help, emasculating him, controlling him, demanding anything or not asking for what you need. 

STEP TWO is to learn a few easy, simple techniques to fill yourself up and stay heart-centered so you inspire your man to meet your needs and revel in your happiness.

STEP THREE is to learn how to communicate what you need, what you like and what you want in a way where he is super excited to give this to you. and psstt! You won’t have to manipulate, demand, whine, complain, convince or pretend. whew!

So all ya need is…..

Some genuine emotional communication skills; a few easy LOVE, goddess good-feeling fill up exercises to stir up passion and radiance; and a little bit of understanding on how your MAN THINKS and what motivates him. 

No More Mystery!!!!

I want to strip away all the mystery and bring back that spark of passion and excitement you use to see in your man’s eyes. All this can happen when we truly understanding male-female relationship differences and know how to bridge the gap.

Relationships FAIL because despite hope and good intentions, couples stop connecting and relating well with each other because they don’t know what they need or how to fulfill these relationship needs. Unfulfilled needs means no longer feeling “in-love”.

The sad thing is – it doesn’t have to be this way; the isolation, aloneness, emptiness and loss is completely preventable.

You simply need to KNOW what your needs are, how to communicate with your man to inspire his expression of love and receive it so HE fills up with love too! (HINT: how your man feels loved is very different then you might think!).

Over time, as you practice these new ways of communicating and fulfilling each other’s love languages the practice of loving becomes easy and effortless. It becomes second nature!

And even better, you don’t need the cooperation of your man to turn this around! The changes you make- will naturally transform your relationship- no talking or convincing him to change required!

He sees you filled up and happy, he hears in your communication he isn’t wrong or being blamed, he is secure in his significance- respected and appreciated so he FEELS attracted and tunes into your frequency. He feels good! He can let go, relax and get out of his head. So, he gets more energy and wants to GIVE to you. Suddenly, you gain his adoration, attention, and affection.

And best of all, it comes from him- so you knows its real! All you did was be your best self and communicate your genuine authentic feelings in a way he could receive them and want to support you. 

And now imagine, you can create this same experience even if there is conflict or a tough conversation to have. Instead, of it being tense, difficult, fearful and stressful – it flows as easily as the connected exchange I described above. And you both felt more “in-love” and appreciative and more secure at the end of it.

WOW! Well, this is exactly the way I experience all conversations with my man- whether I am sharing all my happy, excited feelings or so-called negative emotions. You can learn to do this too!!!

Isn’t it time you knew what great couples do to stay passionately connect and in-love!

In this program you will Learn how to:

   Inspire your man’s devotion, commitment and desire without changing who you are or repressing your feelings. Learn the keys to emotion-based communication that makes a man want to invest in your happiness.

   FILL UP and feel good – so your man is magnetically drawn to you and feels passionately turned-on and full of heart love for you.

   Fulfill your man’s need for significance, appreciation and accomplishment – so he feels respected, capable, needed and proud that he can make you happy.

   Understand the differences of how men and women communicate and connect so you can STOP the behaviors that are creating distance and conflict- and START doing what will bring you together.

   Inspire your man’s love devotion and without EVER manipulating or being dishonest in any way. Learn exactly what attracts a man and what repels him.

   Confidently, express what you feel and get your needs met easily and quickly. So you can feel secure with your man and TRUST his ability to love you, protect you and bring you happiness.

Start learning TODAY HOW to have more love with your man and feel as in-love as you did at the beginning of your relationship by knowing how to meet each other’s needs and build more passion!

This coach plan will teach you how to get the love you want and the communication strategies and filling up techniques that inspire your man’s love, attention, devotion, passion and support.

Big Love & Many Thanks,



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