Date Slow! How To Stop Being Misled By Men Who Aren’t Ready For Anything Serious!

GO-ALL-IN nicegal Dating one heartbreaker after another can leave you feeling hopeless ... uncertain about your future... questioning your worth and desirability... despairing that you may never have the love connection you've dreamt of ... and wondering what the heck you’re doing wrong. Trust me. I get it. I've made every mistake in the book (yes, I’m that expert), including a very common understandable one my client ‘Karen’ typically made. Maybe you relate. Karen … [Read more...]

Signs He’s Not The One Handout


Download Handout Signs He's Not The One … [Read more...]

Nice Gal Secrets to Never Feeling Powerless With Men

How to Feel Powerful & Confident With Men

By Maryjane KapteynDo you work hard to get a relationship and to keep it going? If so, I know all too well how that feels because TRYING at love always backfired in my relationship past. Trying hard took up all my thoughts and energy, and left me unfulfilled and exhausted. It made me feel angry, lost, resentful, confused, needy and desperate because I never got enough in return from a man to feel good.I discovered that being a big-hearted nice gal isn’t exactly the problem, but giving too … [Read more...]

Shop, Don’t Sell: Be Choosy to Find The Right Man


Yes gals, please shop until you drop. Shop until you’ve exhausted the options, but not your credit card. I’m talking about no cost shopping for men. Being selective and choosy before you buy. Buying what fits perfectly and ignites feelings happiness and beauty. (Remember, no milk until he’s bought the store).Shopping looks like not rushing, not trying too hard, not falling for potential, not settling and not selling yourself short. Selling is when you’re trying to convince a man to buy … [Read more...]

Q&A: My Boyfriend No Longer Cares

Angry woman

Hi, Maryjane,My name is Yen, and I am from San Jose, California. My boyfriend and I have been together close to two years. I remember at the beginning of the relationship he was so sweet, kind, and caring to me. But I notice that ever since he got a new job and has been working overtime, he hardly cares about my feelings anymore. I tried many times to tell him how I feel, but he gets angry at me, ignores my feelings, and calls me mean names, which hurts me more. I really love my boyfriend very … [Read more...]

50 Shades of Losing You In Him

Man and woman in sexual clothes

“Fifty shades of Grey” by E.L James touted as 2014 mommy porn speaks to the universal desire to surrender, let go and be lead by a powerful man. Under close scrutiny, rather than being an inspiring work of female sexual empowerment, this erotic novel is really the textbook for 50 ways to lose yourself in a man. If you find yourself falling head over heels in love to the point that you give up parts of you to feel alive, desired and loved… this blog is for you.I’ll share the missteps and … [Read more...]

50 Shades of a Toxic Relationship

Gorgeous blonde and handsome man

Fifty Shades of Grey hits theaters today and let’s be honest who doesn’t want to see Jamie Dornan steaming up the screen– hhhheeellllo HOT!While the idea of losing control and losing yourself in a man makes for a great fantasy – the real life version is not so hot or glamorous.In fact, it can be downright degrading, soul-sucking and damaging.I know first hand. I fell for a man who appeared to be everything I wanted and lavished me with an unreal amount of attention and affection, … [Read more...]

Q&A: How do I motivate my man to value me and make a commitment?

Attractive Woman Listening to Her Boyfriend

Dear Maryjane, I value your opinion very much. What would you suggest I do to motivate a 52 year old boyfriend of 3 years to prioritize our relationship, value my wishes/needs more and to start thinking in terms of some type of commitment to our future and happiness? Thanks a lot. Alvina Thank You Alvina, you brought up an important and valuable question: How do I motivate my man to value me and make a commitment? Nice Gals ask me this question all the time! Because by being too nice, too … [Read more...]

Q&A- How ToTell He Wants to Be Your Boyfriend

Q&A: How Can I Tell if He Wants to Be My Boyfriend? When should I stop dating others and become exclusive? Dear Maryjane No one has ever made as much sense as you plus incorporating the ‘I’ in We. I Love it. You have a gift! Anyway I've been through my share of nice gal problems by giving too much and trying to be perfect, plus facing disappointment after a divorce. Now I have healthy relationship unfolding and not sure if I should end all communications with other men and be secure … [Read more...]

Q&A: Is He Afraid to Commit OR ‘Just Not That Into You’?

Dear Maryjane, I am 54 and have been seeing a guy who is 57 casually for 9 months. We both are the primary caregivers for our teenage children, plus we live an hour apart, so getting together is hard. We text every day and see each other once or twice a week. We both get hurt easily and are scared of being hurt in a relationship. But he tells me that he is not in to me as much as I am into him, so he will not commit. What do I do to turn that around as he is fairly controlling? Gail Dear … [Read more...]