How To Find Your Perfect Relationship-Ready Man


You ARE a good catch. Being sweet, kind, generous, nurturing and understanding is what men want… …Until you go to far and give so much of yourself, he values and respects you less. Being too nice is a big mistake when it comes to dating and relationships...and THAT is why some awesome man hasn't snagged you. The good news is that I know what those mistakes are, and I can teach you how to fix them. In fact, if you actually follow my advice and the step-by-step plan I've laid out in … [Read more...]

Date Slow! How To Stop Being Misled By Men Who Aren’t Ready For Anything Serious!

GO-ALL-IN nicegal Dating one heartbreaker after another can leave you feeling hopeless ... uncertain about your future... questioning your worth and desirability... despairing that you may never have the love connection you've dreamt of ... and wondering what the heck you’re doing wrong. Trust me. I get it. I've made every mistake in the book (yes, I’m that expert), including a very common understandable one my client ‘Karen’ typically made. Maybe you relate. Karen … [Read more...]

Nice Gal Secrets to Never Feeling Powerless With Men

How to Feel Powerful & Confident With Men

By Maryjane KapteynDo you work hard to get a relationship and to keep it going? If so, I know all too well how that feels because TRYING at love always backfired in my relationship past. Trying hard took up all my thoughts and energy, and left me unfulfilled and exhausted. It made me feel angry, lost, resentful, confused, needy and desperate because I never got enough in return from a man to feel good.I discovered that being a big-hearted nice gal isn’t exactly the problem, but giving too … [Read more...]

Oops, I Did It Again (Nice Gal Mistake)


(this is personal)Oops, I did it again. Despite my undeniable spiritual connection to my partner, I unconsciously chose a man who wanted me to take care of him and fix his problems. I walked into a bit of a blended family, post-divorce mess. Yikes. Which means… part of me was a MESS as well. RELATIONSHIPS ARE A MIRROR. YOU ATTRACT WHAT YOU ARE, NOT WHAT YOU WANT.There’s no blame here, I take complete responsibility for attracting from my nice gal pattern. Plus, admitting all the ways, I … [Read more...]

Nice Gal Beliefs That Block Love


Intellectually you know loving you is important. Like, exercise, drinking plenty of water, resting and get plenty of sleep. If it’s one of the essential things that keep you balanced, healthy and emotionally thriving, why is last the list of things to do?Here’s what may be holding you back from loving you and attracting the relationship you want.You Feel Guilty Putting You FirstYou naturally give more than you receive, so putting you first feels wrong, selfish or vain. By giving to you, you … [Read more...]

50 Shades of Losing You In Him

Man and woman in sexual clothes

“Fifty shades of Grey” by E.L James touted as 2014 mommy porn speaks to the universal desire to surrender, let go and be lead by a powerful man. Under close scrutiny, rather than being an inspiring work of female sexual empowerment, this erotic novel is really the textbook for 50 ways to lose yourself in a man. If you find yourself falling head over heels in love to the point that you give up parts of you to feel alive, desired and loved… this blog is for you.I’ll share the missteps and … [Read more...]

Sex-Worthy or Love-Worthy 2: How to Avoid Falling Victim to Pick-Up Artist Tactics

Attractive Couple in Black and White Talking

Julien Blanc has garnered negative media attention for his misogynistic pick-up artist techniques teaching men ‘how to’ manipulate, objectify, humiliate, emotional abuse and sexually assault women in order to get laid. He’s not alone. Many pick-up artists teach men a brand of confidence training that is opportunistic and manipulative with the goal of getting a woman to bed, not securing a relationship. Call it the game, tricks, conning, and flat out lying…. Here’s how to avoid … [Read more...]

Nice Gal Emotional Styles

Fashion romantic blonde over pink barbie doll style

Have you ever wondered why smart, capable and amazing women engage in self-defeating behaviors that undermined their love success? Why we play nice and polite, giving in to his wishes and wants while staying silent about our needs.  Why we settle for attraction and attention from Mr. Wrong when we’re really craving real genuine love and acceptance. Why we feel afraid he’ll cheat or leave, needing constant validation and reassurance, even when there are no signs of betrayal and he’s … [Read more...]

Give Up NOW! To Find Love

What Are You Willing to Give Up For Love? I bet when you think of finding the right relationship, you think of all the things you’ll HAVE with that special someone. Things like... Playfulness Affection Spontaneity Fun Companionship Sharing Laughter Support Adoration And so on! But in order to make space to welcome in LOVE, you’ll need to give certain things up. Whether you realize it or not, you give up to get more all the time. Let’s use some other real life examples, so you … [Read more...]

Is He My Guy? 5 Misleading Messages Men Send

Is he my guy- misleading message men send

Q&A – Is He My Guy? 5 Misleading Messages Men Send Dear Maryjane, I’m dating this guy; at least I think I am. He calls everyday, we hang out together alone and sometimes in a group 1-2x times a week. I am so happy with him and I can tell he has a good time. He makes me laugh and everything feels easy. After a few weeks we became intimate and I just assumed he was my boyfriend. I’ve fallen for this guy, but every so often, he makes little comments about whether I’m dating yet or how … [Read more...]