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Hi, I’m Maryjane Kapteyn and I have a commitment in life: to save women from the unnecessary pain of heartache by empowering them to reclaim their innate worthiness and absolute belief in the possibility of living Real Love within and with a Soulmate.

The path of conscious, real love isn’t for everyone. It’s for those who are looking for a Soulmate relationship and ready to be transformed in the process. I know that conscious BIG LOVE connections do not happen by accident, but can manifest easily in no time with the right energy, support and intention.

If you are a spiritual, giving, loyal, empathic, nurturing, generous and personal growth oriented woman who has been disappointed by love; and you are willing to expand into the fulfillment and joy of being and receiving love, I can help.

All 4 You

Relationship support?  Are we supposed to need that?  Is that cool to invest time and money and energy into learning how to find, keep and be love? Yes! We all have to see past that self-defeating fog of myth, move past our habits and resistance to love towards the realization of our deepest desire- REAL, BIG, full-on, Turned-on, RAW Love. And I can help!

I’ve coached a lot of people since 1995, all over the world, including artists, intuitives, holistic practitioners and small business owners. Women just like you! Smart, self-aware, spiritually-devoted and intuitive women (and an amazing group of new RAW Men™!) who want to transform disappointment into empowerment, unworthiness into wholeness, rules into self-trust and patterns into opportunities for enlightenment and healing.

Clients say “how do you KNOW that?!!!”. I just do, I am a powerful intuitive and I know patterns – they dress up nicely but at their core – they all “look” the same. I will – lovingly pull them out of your proverbial closet and whip them into shape. LOL!

The core of my work is all about creating the change you want towards the goal of unconditional happiness and love. I help you identify and let go of what isn’t working so you can have the love, joy, happiness, success and fulfillment you desire and deserve. Knowing yourself, as love, is the highest form of realization and it makes great LOVE possible.

My Love Story

My biggest credential is my personal love history. For years I struggled with unworthiness and never feeling sufficiently loved. I based so much of my happiness on the dream of another’s love. I thought if I loved enough and became the best me then how could I not be loved back. I realized I was replaying old childhood pattern of giving, loving and being good so that I would be loved and feel safe. I gave too much and tried too hard. Therefore, I attracted a perfect complimentary pattern in my relationships with men: men who wouldn’t commit to me or withheld the love, time and affection or were critical of me. In moments, when my partner would act lovingly, I wore them out with my demands for reassurance and my unhappiness. YEESH…glad those days are over!

So, two things happened. I took the success principles of The Modern Monk method for unconditional happiness and apply these principles to finding LOVE. I had already been helping clients find success, happiness and fulfillment in all areas of life and love was no exception. Plus, I knew in my heart, the patterns and wounds of my past were holding me back and I knew I needed the be the change I wanted to experience. So, the Love Coach – ME – began re-learning about love. What REAL love is, verses conditional love! And I took the journey of removing all the internal and external blocks I had to love’s realization. 

I now know the LOVE I share in my message. I lived the journey and have come out the other side. And the best part is- I allowed and became that full-on real love as fulfillment, joy, trust, peace of mind, contentment, self-worth, confidence and excitement BEFORE I met my Soulmate. And because I was ready and able to give from my fullness and trust to receive that kind of BIG LOVE- he came into my life.  

Now, I want this for you! It is MY MISSION to empower every woman to feel completely worthy of REAL, RAW Love with her perfect partner, and never again experience heart-breaking pain and disappointment of being in the wrong relationship.

 My programs teach you how to screen for love so you can FIND the right man and recognize him when he shows up! And you will learn to be the love you want, NOW, while you are on that journey!

Soulmate love changes you – for the better. Everything in your life improves: your energy, happiness, motivation, sense of safety, trust, lightness and radiance expands to BIG love levels. The security, happiness, juicy joy of REAL LOVE is amazing!!! And it is worth all the learning, every effort and every dollar you spend to FIND it!

I am living this love & I found my perfect man, so can you!

My Love Method

I love my life and my work! My unique offering as a coach includes a special blend of compassion, insight, intuition and wisdom. I have worked in the coaching field for over 17 years and spent most of my life engaged in personal growth. Everything I speak about as a coach, I practice in my own life. Every method of change I developed comes from accumulated knowledge, hard-won experience and proven success. I have helped literally hundreds of people discover the keys to living more LOVING, purposeful, joyful and abundant lives.

My approach to this work is from the inside out. I believe all the answers and solutions live inside of you. As a coach, I hold the space for your potential and for these answers to emerge. I will teach you how to get out of your head and into you heart; to move from emotional reaction to the wisdom and power within your feelings; and to develop discernment so you can trust your intuition and choices. I give you the “experience” of transformation so it is integrated and real.

I am successful because my clients become more intuitive, stronger and independent of me – they learn to self-coach. I will miss you but my goal is for you to graduate from our coaching work together! If change is to LAST, and endure the test of time, all the tools, support, perspectives, knowledge and processes must LIVE in YOU! And this is my intuitive gift: I go to the heart of what’s holding you back, beyond the symptoms, solving the problem at the point of origin.

I know your potential and it is my aim to give you all PATH, METHODS and HOW to’s – you need to realize it. Plus, I support you through the scary parts as you move away from familiar patterns into new possibility-based positive change. I help you get out of your own way – so what you say you want and what you do, align.

As an Intuitive Life & Love Coach, what I can tell you that whatever “pattern” you may be struggling with – perfectionism, limiting beliefs, people-pleasing, self-doubt, self-judgment, self-sabotage – and the list goes on of the ways we can hold ourselves back – in all these cases the CORE wound is one of feeling separate from LOVE. It’s time to kick the lie of unworthiness to the curb! And once, you know yourself as love, through and through, there is nothing that can change this core truth of worth or disturb your happiness. That to ME is FREEDOM.

Learn more…..


My professional path could be summarized into one primary goal: to understand how we change and why we don’t; to understand what supports unconditional happiness and love, and what limits this potential.

My early years as a Coach began in the fitness field helping people become healthy, strong and focused through the love of physical fitness. After a debilitating pedestrian car accident, my focus shifted to holistic healing and how to use the mind to overcome limitations and challenges. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities (B.A Hum) exploring my other loves -psychology and religion. My academic studies led me into a concentration in eastern studies, thesis work in Buddhist Psychology and philosophy, and a Grant award on Spirituality.

Mid-way into my academic career, I attended a conference of like-minded thinkers, who like myself, were grounded in scientific research and critical thinking, yet open to the application of parapsychology, spirituality and quantum physics. It was mind-blowing and stimulating to be surrounded my highly esteemed academics with doctorates that were grounded in scientific thought but also embraced metaphysics. My natural intuitive and mediumistic abilities were welcomed and understood. It was there I met my first Life Coach and I knew instantly, that I wanted to be a Coach.

Even before I was on that path, I intuitively knew I was at my core a teacher and a coach. After completing my undergrad degree I attended Erickson College obtaining certification as a Professional Solution Focused Coach (ACTP). I blended this coaching model within my own “change method discoveries”. My specialization emerged: Transforming limiting patterns of thought and emotion into positive feeling and circumstantial change.

Today, I continue to be inspired by Buddhist Psychology, quantum physics, new spirituality, Positive Psychology (the study of happiness- how great is that!), channeled wisdom and self-development to bring about lasting and powerful change my clients want.

Even better, I have come full circle in my career, developing an inspired yoga practice and the joy of dance as the therapeutic base for my physical recovery. I became an Accredited Akandha Yoga Teacher with Vishvaketu, a joyful, inspired Yogi who affectionately reminds me of the actor Eric Bana combined with Yoda. Vishva is the embodiment of unconditional love and will forever have my love and admiration. Thank you Vish! And BIG LOVE to the Bodhi Tree Yoga Center and Jeff Mah at OneBreath Yoga for Adjusting opportunities and years of “enlightened love on the Mat!”™

Program Offerings

The biggest learning towards REAL, RAW Love is knowing HOW to screen for the right man and then, you must ne the kind of woman who knows how to BE and ALLOW Big love- to keep him.

I am the Author of The RAW Man: A Step-By-Step Guide to Choosing the Right Partner and The RAW Woman: A Guide to Being the Right Partner and various coaching programs on Manifesting Spiritual Love. Specifically, my programs help break patterns of unworthiness by teaching you how to BE the love you want and receive and allow love from every relationship in your life, but especially, with that special guy.  By learning to embody feminine worth you can reclaim your radiance, inner trust and self-assuredness so that you never over-achieve and settle in relationships again! It’s all about having the love you want!


My life is my practice. I live and breathe personal development. There is no separation “on or off the mat”- my spiritual life and everyday life. It’s all the same. I live what I know and seek to know. I believe LOVE is the greatest realization, self-awareness and self-discipline are foundational to success and profound knowledge applied as simple truths is the gateway to wisdom.

My greatest accomplishment? Overcoming some big life challenges and traumas to heal my own patterns of unworthiness to live self-love and self-trust. I am a dedicated student of LOVE: learning more and more each day how to Be, Allow and Give love as kindness, generosity, compassion, unconditional acceptance and joy.

I am a big-hearted, empathic intuitive, spiritualist, academic, inspired Yoga goddess, budding environmentalist, vegetarian/raw foodist, world-traveler, crazy electro-funk house booty shaker, cherished friend, wise teacher, God-mom to my FAV little guy-‘tone’, lover, partner and friend with my amazing Soulmate.

I live my life exploring dichotomies and enjoying a variety of adventures. People, culture and philosophy are steady sources of fascination. And creative expression as a dancer, singer, writer, poet and yogi is my key to joy. And relationship is my teacher.

Cheers to Life!!!!  What an extraordinary adventure!


BIG Love & Happiness to You!

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