Love doesn’t just happen!

A great love just doesn’t happen. It doesn’t fall on your lap by accident or luck nor is it given because they deserved it more or withheld from another because they deserved it less. Love is given to those who are prepared to receive it.

Like every success story – it is a case of opportunity meets preparation. Each and every person who has attracted a perfectly matched partner and an abundance of love in all their relationships achieve this for two reasons. 1. They embodied a READINESS for love by becoming the love they were seeking, while, 2. simultaneously challenging every belief, behavior and feeling that told them they were separate from the source of love.

Separateness from love creates beliefs of “not being good enough” or there “not being enough” or the idea that “love is possible for others but not for me”. All the pain and losses of the past or perception of lack of love in the present creates a nagging fear that we won’t be accepted or cherished and that we cannot trust our needs for intimacy, closeness or connection will be met.

Only REASON you have not yet attracted, kept or maintained a great love – is because you have NOT become a person who is fully READY to receive it. All preparation is simply to make you into a person who knows they are worthy of receiving the great love the universe wants to provide.

You must be prepared to do what most people are not willing to do and that is to put in the effort and dedication to transforming every thought, feeling or belief that stands in the way of a perception of love. Your entire focus must shift to becoming the source of love you are seeking and LETTING GO of any sense that you are not whole, complete and connected to love NOW. It is a process of over time, moving towards what you want while letting go of what is holding you back.

There is no chance! There is only what you consciously choose to create, the actions you take to support that intent and the unconscious patterns you must uproot and replace with new love affirming perceptions. Until you prepare yourself for real love – it will elude you. No one and nothing will ever be enough. All your seeking will end in failure.

Love is. Period. When you know this (not just intellectually) and can live it, you will be positively transformed.

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Big Love,

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