Why Still Single?

“In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities.” Janos Arany

I get this question a lot! How can you explain a love coach who is still single?! It’s a natural skepticism for testing the integrity and proven methods of someone positioned as a love expert. I completely understand.

So, here is a little about my story and how my insights and methods helped me (and my clients) find love. And you may discover Why you are Still Single as well!

In my early 20’s I never really dated. I would meet a man, fall in love with him and stay until the relationship ran it course. I went from being single to a five-year relationship and then partnered again for over ten years. In my youth, I believed love was enough. I didn’t know how to screen for compatibility and thought that if I just tried hard and committed myself to giving love we would overcome whatever differences and life challenges we encountered. But no matter how hard I tried, I discovered sometimes love just isn’t enough.

Newly single at 35 I took time to reassess my choices and how I had created my relationship circumstances. I knew I had a hard time letting go and I gave far too much putting my needs last. I would stay long past a relationships expiry date and take on more responsibility for the success and growth of the relationship than my partner would. And I operated from a set of unconscious beliefs, including the idea that if I loved someone enough my partner would change. Or that I wasn’t enough and needed to change. All these beliefs were sabotaging my love life.

So I spent time being purposefully single: understanding and reconciling the mistakes of the past and creating new agreements and beliefs that aligned with the love I wanted to be and attract. I was dedicated to getting ready for love: learning to be love, screen for love and attract love. My life and those of my clients became the testing ground for how to transform our patterns around love. And Amazing things happened!

Many of us met our Soulmates – a prime example of readiness meeting preparation. But all of us, even while waiting for divine love, began feeling empowered, worthy, inspired and more able to accept life and flow through change with ease. Free from the limitations of the past and becoming the love we were seeking our wholeness attracted wholeness.

So focus on getting ready! Start by removing blocks to have to being and receiving love. Do the work to transform all patterns of negative self-talk, regret, fears, unworthiness or self-sabotaging behaviors so that love can easily enter your life. And then surrender to perfect timing for your Soulmate to be ready for you and you to be ready for him. I have this now, and so can you! It is worth the wait.

Become the Love You Want. Relationship Readiness.

Love Within,

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  1. Confused asian says:

    Can’t I just ask him to hang out with me?

    • Hello Confused Asian! Oh let me list the ways that giving a many easy, non-committal, open access to your awesomeness, big hearted love is a problem. One- hanging out means he doesn’t have to do much or give much to earn you. He doesn’t have to care about your feelings and he doesn’t have to step-up in progressive commitment. You end of being a freebie and no one values that. Love, maryjane

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