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What If You Felt Confident, Secure and Safe to Trust Opening to Love – Without Fearing Loss & Disappointment Or Ever Having to Try, Hope or Settle……Because You Healed the Past & Finally Feel Completely Worthy of The Love You Want? 

“I am ready to claim my inherent worthiness and create the experience of unconditional love in all my relationships especially within myself.”

Have you experienced deep pain, loss and disappointment in past relationships and feel afraid to trust and risk falling in love again?

   Do you find that despite all your accomplishments and talents, you secretly fear love will not happen for you?

   Is it difficult for you to receive love and do you replay negative self-talk messages that say you aren’t good enough? Or, it is difficult for you to receive love, because you fear, no one will be “good enough” or trustable?

   Are you ready to stop blaming yourself or trying so hard to make a relationship succeed?

   Do you push love away and feel anxious when you get to close? Or do you desire love so much you will do almost anything to find and keep it, and you feel anxious and chase when a man pulls away?

   Are you ready to learn the love boundaries that keep you safe from heartache and open a good man’s heart to love and respect you?

   Would you like to learn how to receive and attract healthy love by feeling confident, worthy and self-assured?

You want to be in Love, but part of you also resists it. 

You have been disappointed so badly in the past so you are afraid of being hurt again. You flip between strong feelings of desire, longing and hope, to feeling hesitant, cautious, nervous, fearful and anxious. All this fear keeps in your head instead of your heart, which pushes a man away instead of compelling him to feel desire and love for you. A man may even be trying to give you love and support but you don’t trust it. So you test him, ask for too much reassurance and never quite allow yourself FEEL good or rely on his support – just incase he leaves you.

But staying locked in this pattern, guarantees he will leave. Whether the retreat is emotional or physical, a man will naturally protect himself from the pressure of your inner pain and avoid the drama.

If you are dating and super-available – his attraction will diminish, and he will disappear. Or if you are more avoidant and less available, he will chase you until he realizes he cannot make you happy and deem you too high-maintenance or intimidating.

If you are in a long-term, committed relationship, he will resist your unhappiness, internalizing it as his failure and retreat into his cave to self-sooth and self-protect. He will not feel drawn or deeply attracted to you and you will not feel loved.

You are a woman who doesn’t trust receiving love. So, even if you manage to find love, keeping it is almost impossible.


You want to be in love, so you try hard to find, keep and give love to be loved. You give your full heart, exclusivity, time, energy, support and affection to a man who may not be claiming you or treating you with care, respect and understanding.

You find yourself (even though you know better) getting caught up in chemistry, attraction and his potential; opening yourself fully, and giving too much before the love and commitment you desire and deserve is reciprocated.

You find yourself believing in him, so he will believe in you. You find yourself giving love to GET love. Because after all, if you are loving, loyal, attentive, giving, he can’t help but find you irresistible, right?


Working hard to get a man to love you or doing all the right things to hold a relationship together makes you a classic “Woman who loves too much.”

You know over-giving, and putting all your focus and attention on him and the relationship, doesn’t work. It’s a habit. You find yourself obsessing, fixing, chasing and engaging in other “trying” behaviors to get your needs met and keep your man. You end up feeling needy, insecure and powerless, because you don’t know what else to do.

Experience has taught you, however, that despite all your “trying” behaviors, he doesn’t end up wanting you. Instead, he becomes lazy, loses attraction, takes you for granted, disrespects you, or worse, criticizes.  Or, he just leaves.

And, even if you know intellectually that you deserve love, the message rooted in your unconscious mind is “I’m not good enough”.

Because you aren’t being loved, you don’t feel lovable, so you don’t attract love. It is a vicious cycle.

I want to help you change this!

You can more Love In Your Life, NOW!

Both patterns of not trusting to receive love and trying to hard to earn love are rooted in an unconscious belief of unworthiness. It is common to swing between both patterns. At first, you try hard at love and then out of exhaustion, extreme pain, loss and disappointment, retreat in distrust.

And no amount of self-improvement, accomplishment or external validation from others, can change this. The change must come from within.

I want you to imagine, what it would feel like to be self-assured in love; to TRUST receiving unconditional love, support, cherishing and adoration from the man you love. Imagine what it would feel like to no longer need to TRY at love: to never again need to improve yourself, sacrifice your own needs or settle for scraps of affection and attention. And, what it is like, to stop feeling conflicted, by wanting love, and yet, pushing it away,

I am going to tell you a SECRET!  Real men are givers and they feel powerful and purposeful when they are needed.

By being the giver, you change the natural order of things. If a man feels mothered it either makes him lazy or resentful. The worst thing a man can feel is being unwanted, incapable and ineffective. By giving to him, he hears the message that “he can’t do it” or that you don’t trust him to do it.

Worse, you prevented him from having the pleasure of giving to you. By not receiving his love, he feels rejected. You denied yourself the opportunity to feel supported and loved and made him fail at making you happy. Understandably, he avoids you and stops feeling attracted.

He goes into his cave because he doesn’t feel needed or capable and he doesn’t like you for making him feel that way!

In return, if you react to him pulling away by giving more and trying harder to keep his love, his avoidance may escalate to anger, repulsion and disgust.

Men want to be dazzled by your radiance; they want to chase you and win you and the more effort this takes the better they feel about you and about themselves. And once, they have claimed you, more than anything they want to be needed- so they can feel and hear your appreciation.  If you are the giver – you rob men of their masculinity and their happiness.

Giving is a Way of NOT Receiving.

Anytime you over-give to get love, you don’t trust your worth. Giving is just a way to avoid receiving and to hide insecurity. And the most frustrating part is spending all that energy trying to get love only to push it away.

What if I told you, transforming your love life can start today, quickly, with a few easy steps.

You can STOP feeling desperate, afraid, lonely, or anxious, and instead, FEEL strong, secure, relaxed, openhearted and allowing of love.

You can STOP sabotaging your own efforts and create a clear, effortless path to love.

This program will teach HOW TO:

   Identify & STOP all TRYING behaviors so you can inspire your man’s love and make him want to give to YOU.

   TRUST love by trusting yourself by putting your needs first, by listening to your intuition and by breaking old patterns.

   Build strong love boundaries so you are respected and cherished!

   Feel powerful and relaxed by putting all the focus back on YOU and on feeling good! By loving yourself first, a man will feel deep attraction and desire for you! He will want to love you!

   Never feel needy, panicked or insecure again. Finally get the support, reassurance, attention and affection you need! Learn to make yourself the big prize so he is chasing you!

   Train your man to be the giver, so he feels needed and you feel fulfilled!

I will support you to heal the conflict of both wanting and trying at love while pushing love away.

If you are trying to prove you are worthy of love – over-giving, self-improving – he will wonder why and begin to doubt your worth as well.  Or you will exhaust him with your demands for reassurance that you are okay or the relationship is secure.

Start learning TODAY HOW to allow love into your heart by loving and trusting yourself first!

Coaching will support you in creating your own individualized plan to get the love you want and it will teach you the habits of self-love and self-care so you can attract and keep a love that lasts.

Love mirrors your inner worthiness: to manifest big love, you must BE love, first.

Big Love & Many Thanks,



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