The Hook that Causes Nice Gals to Choose Unavailable Men

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The Emotionally Unavailable Man












Have you ever wondered why you attract emotionally unavailable, flawed, needy, insecure or broken men?

Being nice is the source of your attraction. The reason you behave too nice isn’t your fault. In fact, it likely feels natural to be nice, a part of your identity and personality. Same holds true for the kind of men you feel attracted to – you can’t help it- right?

What if I said you could, over time, re-wire your attraction? At the very least, in most instances you can override it and choose a match that meets your needs versus triggers replays of past hurts and unwanted patterns.

Well, get excited, because resetting your default pattern attraction mode makes all the difference for the dynamic that shows up while dating or when in a committed relationship.

It’s the difference between whether or not you feel …

  • Heartbroken or fulfilled
  • Betrayed or cherished
  • Single or committed
  • Esteemed, empowered and actualized or held back, stifled and stuck.

You have the power to re-wire your Nice Gal default mode to a more psychologically fulfilling way of being and relating. Guaranteeing you get the cherishing, ease, joy and happiness you desire.

Take Keri for example.

*Keri, a social worker, has a strong attraction to men who need her comfort and encouragement. She went on a date with Frank, who revealed early on his issues with money, plus a lack of direction and purpose. Naturally nurturing Keri protected his feelings and paid her way. Soon she was paying for all their dates. Her Nice Gal pattern was to attract a man in need of support and convince herself – she was enough for both of them.

Keri would get hooked into caretaking a needy, dependent man while putting her needs and desires last. She would imagine that with a little help and attention, the man she liked would become something special: someone who could eventually love and support her in return.

Overtime, Frank’s dependency demands increased, and Keri’s patience started to run out. The ending was always the same disappointed, drained, angry and resentful, she’d finally declare enough is enough and regretfully let go. Left wondering how she repeated the same mistake again even after trying so hard to make the relationship work.

Keri came to me because she was exhausted and although she couldn’t imagine feeling confident and strong enough to date again – she vowed to stop putting herself and her needs last, either way.

Keri transformed her pattern by first following the number one ‘No More Nice Gal’ Principle – Love Yourself by putting your happiness and well- being first. Instead of hooking into a relationship based on NEED and GIVING, she began looking for a mutual connection. 

Keri had to acknowledge that she felt more comfortable to be herself around needy men because she could fall into her familiar caretaking role. The big a-ha was when she understood this false sense of safety was not a true sign of compatibility but merely an agreement to match patterns in a very challenging situation.

Part of Keri’s Nice Gal transition was to get out of her comfort zone by looking for a true match in a high-quality man.

It’s a simple shift – doable for every nice gal- because knowing your hook frees you to choose differently. Uprooting the unconscious drive that causes you to attract, date and fall in love with Mr. Wrong, means you become empowered to choose Mr. Right.

My step-by-step, proven No More Nice Gal Love-Worthy Process ensures you find love easily and heartache free. No challenges needed.

One of my favorite success stories is Anita, who when we first met was escaping an abusive relationship and starting all over with nothing in a new city as a single mom. Her transformation included creating a support system, finding her dream job, and dating in a whole new way. She took the time to heal and truly understand how she ended up in an unhealthy love relationship and guess what two years later she met her dream guy. Now happily married for three years, they’ve just welcomed a new baby into their lovely family.

Makes me smile every time I see their family photos on Facebook.

I want your success story to smile at too.

No matter your past, your struggles in life or love, you can change your nice gal ways inviting complete unconditionally loved and happy.

Decide NOW to join me for Nice Gal Rehab and change your destiny for the better.






*Out of respect for my client’s privacy, Keri is a composite character of a few different clients who share the same nice gal type and pattern. Anita’s name has been changed to protect her identity.

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