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Acceptance, acknowledgment, support, caring, excitement, happiness, ease, calm and growth are all the things real, authentic love is made of. I want you to have this and more. Here’s my mini-deserve-love-list.

Go for a man who:

Makes you feel special.

Listens and empathizes when you feel hurt.

Gives you his time and attention.

Wants to wake up to you every single day.

Does what it takes so you can create a beautiful life together.

Is unwavering in his faithfulness and commitment.

Loves you and always will.

Takes care of you when you’re sick.

Is so impressed with you, when you’re just being you.

Believes you have the best of intentions and is on your side.

Supports your passions, plus the good times and the bad.

Feels incredibly lucky to have found you.

Loves your imperfections, perfectly.

Is loyal and stands up for you.

Makes you feel safe, supported and accepted.

Fights for what he believes in with integrity and kindness.

Wants to be a better man for knowing you.

See’s you as his dream gal!

Lives his purpose and promises to work on himself.

Opens his heart fully and connects with you.

Keeps your secrets and cherishes your vulnerabilities and wounds.

Wants to watch you light up and be happy.

Makes every effort because he knows you’re worth it!


Anything else would you add to that love-list? COMMENT BELOW. 

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