Self-Love Fun Permission Slip Printable

I’m expecting big things for you! Especially big love! 

You deserve to be loved, cherished, adored, cared for, listen to and supported. You deserve to feel relaxed, free, purposeful, cherished, adored, and excited, at ease, stimulated and happy. You deserve to feel acknowledged and accepted.

It starts with you.  

I challenge you to become your own best friend and treat yourself BIG JUICY LOVE.

Why? Because self-love opens and heals your heart, allowing you to be a good receiver of love, share your deepest feelings, risk believing in yourself more, find the strength to go for your dreams and the courage to let go in situations that are less than.

Here’s a FREE warm-up self-love exercise from my upcoming 10-Day Self-Love Challenge to get you started.   

This challenge is step-by-easy-step, affordable, omygosh I needed to fill-up with feel-good yumminess NEXT STEP to…. LOVE YOU, LOVE LIFE AND FINDING LOVE. 

The exercise enclosed in link below is all about giving yourself permission to do everything and anything you’ve ever wanted to do. I request if even just for a bit, you forgo giving to others, accommodating and trying hard TO GIVE YOURSELF THE GIFT OF FUN, PLAY, ENJOYMENT AND EXCITEMENT.

Start winning your own approval, acceptance by filling you up with the good feeling vibes of “I’m awesome” and “I love me” energy. 

Plan your chosen FUN plan as a “you-date” or opt-in your girlfriends for a gal party! 

Download Self-Love Permission Slip for Fun

Wanna go deeper?  JOIN 10-DAY SELF-LOVE CHALLENGE! starts June 15-25, 2015. Woo-hoo! 





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