Intuitive Dating

“I am ready to learn how to date successfully by applying universal laws and intuitive power to magnetize myself to love.”


  • Do you know how to date successfully with joy and purpose?
  • What if you knew how to screen a man- to spot a player from one of the good guys? Isn’t it time you learned what confident and self-assured women use to meet Mr. Right!
  • Do you trust intuition and know how to use it as a guidance system in relationships?
  • What if you knew how to communicate your “feelings” that inspires a man’s desire to please you and get all your needs met- drama free!
  • Are you ready to magnetize yourself to love – so you can attract what you want with ease and effortlessness?

The old model of dating you are trying to read a man, figure out how he feels about you and “win” him. You can get so focused on playing the rules, and doing all the right things – that it becomes all about him at the loss of yourself. If you are worried about pleasing him, catching him and keeping him you may miss the signs if he is really the man for you. When your attention is on him, you will miss seeing if he is the man you want!

He makes you feel good and if you are loved, adored and cherished being yourself.

Intuitive Dating puts the focus back on you! So you can feel into what life would be like and how you would be.

If you were no longer invested in making him want you – you can guage his genuine interest in you and if he has what it takes to walk by your side. Ironically a man is more compelled and drawn to a woman – men put their needs first and respect a woman who does the same

Focus is on feeling good and feeling safe – not focusing on trying to WIN a man.  place your trust in him – intuitive dating is about trusting yourself. Is all about awareness! Do you know what you want, compatible needs – right fit for your life, or do you have an ideal picture of a mate and missing what is right in front of you.
Lessons!!! Verses desires!

Developing a Dating Purpose

Self-centered Dating: fulfills your dating purpose and immediate needs. If it isnt fun, pleasureable and enjoyable why are you dating?!
Trusting yourself instead of trusting another!

Be self-assured & confident in love, so you can attract & receive it!

  • Date Intuitively and trust your intuition!
  • Establish strong love boundaries so you don’t lose yourself in the relationship
  • Be expressive not emotional- how to need but not be needy!
  • Signal the unconscious qualities men look for, such as, receptivity, openness, nurturing, fitness and attractiveness- even if you think you are lacking them.
  • Date from an abundance attitude based on possibility not scarcity!

Experience the love and connection you crave BEFORE you meet your Soulmate.

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