Hey Big Heart! 

Are you a single woman looking for your Soulmate and ready to create a Real Love relationship? Do you feel worn out by painful disappointments in the past that have chipped away at your self-confidence, self-esteem, worthiness and positive belief in love? And even though you know better, do you over-give, try too hard or accommodate to ‘get love’ only to find you feel more and more anxious about getting close and opening your heart?

If so, you’re in the right place. I coach intuitive, nurturing, giving and spiritual women who want a fulfilling love relationship – essentially good catches who are ‘sick and tired’ of dating and serious about having a fulfilling, long-lasting love with a really good, loving man.

Here’s the deal. You have a big-heart: you’re intuitive, loving, compassionate and sensitive to others. And too often, people, especially men have taken advantage of your generous heart and empathy by manipulating your natural desire to connect, belong and be loved. I’m so sorry. I know the pain of being misled, used and taken for granted. But I turned this around and so can you.

A New Way to Find Big, Real Love!

I found LOVE by reclaiming my strength while staying soft and honoring my feelings. First by loving myself and loving in a Soulmate relationship. I turned by heartache into wisdom, becoming more dating savvy and learning to screen in good men while screening out the rift-raft. I learned to trust my greatest gift – intuition! And used it to guide my choices and stay authentic and true to myself every step of the way to love. 

I got rid of the word ‘sensitive’ and ‘needy’ and realizing it’s natural to need love, the same way we all need water, food and air. Yet, I learned how to be empowered and esteemed without needing another’s approval, attention or love. I got rid of my walls of self-protection that kept me isolated; all the built up fear and resentment, and the negative expectation of disappointment. I stopped believing I had to risk trusting men and realized I just needed to trust myself! I kept my BIG-heart but put in place better boundaries and NEW love habits that allowed me to attract the love, cherishing, support and calm I always wanted in a relationship but had only dreamed of.

It’s time you feel connected, hopeful, empowered, cherished, adored, open, free, appreciated and supported in every love relationship of your life, but especially with a special man.

You might be wondering where are all the good men!? How can I transform my love life? It’s likely you’ve tried online dating sites, dating services or maybe even hired a personal matchmaker. You’ve read self-help books or visited Internet sites that talk about, “what men want”, “the rules” for dating, “why he disappeared” or how to win your boyfriend back but none of this really works. Most dating techniques, out there are games and manipulations that ask you to accommodate, give, change and compromise so you can “get love”. You already know that isn’t working!

I am a seasoned coach with almost 20 years of solid training and success helping clients break limiting love patterns to attract BIG, REAL LOVE! More than advice, I’m going to help you transform your love life, now and forever, and for the better. My coaching will turn you into a magnet for good love and release all the pain and disappointment relationships caused you in the past.

Best of all, I’ll teach you to trust yourself, not a set of rules. You will learn to embody love so you attract it easily and abundantly. And we’ll take all the focus and attention off trying to please, understand, change or convince a man you’re dating. All the attention will shift back to you so you feel good and act from your true power and worth. Some of the best dating sites can’t give single women the practical, powerful and intuitive dating advice and support I can provide.

My Offering 

Hey,  you don’t  ever have to feel broken-hearted, discouraged or ‘not good enough’ again! I promise to support you to BE the love you want to have – so you naturally attract it (being exactly who you are). My goal is support you to change your Love patterns so you’ll no longer attract or be attracted to bad relationships or bad treatment. I will help you use your sensitivity, amazing intuition and big heart to FEEL GOOD and FEEL more than ‘good enough’.

Imagine waking up NOT feeling overwhelmed, sad and alone but happy, fulfilled, strong, esteemed, confident, trusting, hopefully and believing in you and all the joy, love and success you can create.

New Here? 

I’m on a mission to stop heartache, and to support and protect the sensitive, big-hearts of the world. So please feel free to download my FREE gift: 7 Secrets to Manifesting Love Report and my FREE blogs. The TOP FAVS are: Love Doesn’t Just Happen, Why Still Single? And Needing, Not Needy!

I love to share! But even better I love to hear from you! I believe that every one can make a difference when we share from our hearts and open ourselves to support and be supported in community, So, I look forward to all your LOVE inspiration and feedback onsite in comments section, and Facebook Page and Tweets. Also, I welcome your love questions, love requests and feedback. Email Me at my contact page.

Wishing you BIG REAL love, always!

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